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How To Get Thin Fast!

Get thin fast

No, we’re not necessarily talking about a weight loss program. More like a state of mind. How do you approach getting thin fast? The answer to that is the same answer to how you approach anything you want really badly. Focus! That’s how to get thin really fast.

Put no other task above getting thin. Make a commitment to exercise, any exercise. Make a commitment to diet, any good diet will do. No, you don’t need the next guru diet book. No, you don’t need to fly to the Bahamas to shop for groceries. No you don’t really need a gym membership. Yes, there are good weight loss tools, but you don’t need much in the way of extras to get thin fast.

You just need you. You need a dedicated mind. You need massive weight loss desire. You need to be willing to sacrifice now to have what you want later. How much later? How much weight do you want to lose? 20 pounds? 50 pounds? 100 whopping pounds?

To lose more weight, you need more time working on it. You need to begin right where you are, even though conditions may not be ideal. Again, how bad do you want to be thin?

This isn’t rocket science, although the new book “guru” might have you believe it is. The new marketing hecklers might have you thinking you need to know about biochemical studies to lose weight properly. Well guess what? If that’s true, then most of us are in big trouble.

Nope! To get thin you need not worry about the results. Weight loss results, believe it or not, take care of themselves. You need to worry about the work, that’s it.

What work? Getting your body moving on a daily basis. Cutting back on the foods you “know” are not good for you. Reminding yourself daily how bad you want to be thin.

Remind yourself however you need to, because there’s the key. That’s how to get thin fast! Be committed. Stay focused. When you’re really focused you will find ways to get it done. The trail will show itself once you’ve made the true decision to lose weight. Once you’re committed to being thin, the world will step aside and let you through.

Source by Brian Bonito

Top 10 Hair Dying Mistakes

Whether you want to want to get rid of that gray hair or you just want to have a new look, dying is a good way to achieve it. Unfortunately, hair dying entails consequences that may damage and dry your hair when used inappropriately. The selected color of your dye should blend with the original color of your hair and eyebrows and to enhance your features. Experimenting is good, but dyes can be rough on your hair when used frequently. Although it is best to dye at a professional salon or stylist, it is much cheaper at home with the same creative effect. Before you see the top 10 hair dying mistakes, it is important to have an understanding of the different types of hair dye that are available so you can put them in context.

Types of Hair Dye

1. Permanent hair dye

While dying your hair permanantly is, by some, considered in and of itself a mistake, the obvious benefit is that it lasts for a considerable time. As the hair grows, it is applied to the roots. It contains ammonia and peroxides, which can possibly cause dryness and damage. Exposure to the sun and salt water will cause the color to fade. That’s why in order to maintain the color, it is best to cover your hair by using a hat or bandanna when going outside.

2. Long-lasting Semi-permanent

As the name implies, has the longest life remaining even after more than 20 washes, depending on the brand.

3. Semi-permanent

These have the shortest lifespan for dyes. After 6-12 washes, the color will start to fade. This is recommended for first-time users and those who want to experiment with colors.

How to dye your hair safely and professionally:

– Separate hair into two quadrants. Then clip each part.

– Wear plastic gloves while mixing dye solution. Follow the directions written on the box.

– Squeeze a small amount of coloring into one quadrant. Streak thin stripes of color over the whole area of the quadrant. Put a clip on the colored part.

– Repeat the process after you have completed coloring the four quadrants.

– Consult instructions on how long you should leave it. Add a couple of minutes of wait to that of the suggested treatment time.

– Put on left over color mix to the entire head after a few minutes.

– Rinse with cold water.

Top 10 hair dying mistakes!

– Number 10: Applying dye to dirty, tangled hair

Deep condition your hair a month before dying to maintain color. Be sure your hair is relatively clean before applying. Trim hair especially dry and split ends to even out color. Hair should be slightly damp when dye is applied.

– Number 9: Using hair conditioner before you dye

Do not condition your hair a few hours before applying hair dye, shampooing will do the trick. Your hair needs to be free of free radicals such as dirt and oil as much as possible.

– Number 8: Choosing hair dye based on what the model on the box looks like

Consult the local salon or stylist on what colors would look best on you. The hair dye you choose should have the same tone as your skin color.

– Number 7: Forgetting to check for allergic contents

After choosing a brand, apply a tiny amount of hair dye near your neck or behind your ear to see if irritation, redness, inflammation, allergy, hair loss or any bad reactions occur. Wash the affected area right away if this happens. Remember the instructions carefully. Do the patch test 1-2 days before hair dye application.

– Number 6: Doing your entire head without testing a small amount of your hair first

Do a strand test by applying a bit of dye to a few stands of your hair to see if you got the right color.

– Number 5: Staining your skin or clothes

Protect your skin by wrapping a towel around your neck as the dye can irritate your skin or affect your clothes. Gloves should be used and must be included in a hair dye kit. Applying petroleum jelly or cream around your ears and neck part will keep off stains. Wipe off oil after shampooing. If you do happen to stain your skin, don’t worry, rubbing alcohol will remove dye stains from your skin

– Number 4: Picking a color that does not fit with your natural hair color

Pick a color one shade lighter when dying your roots. This will make the transition from your colored hair back to your natural hair color graceful without roots that are a completely different color sticking out. Obviously, this rule does not apply if you are dying your hair a completely different color than your natural hair color.

– Number 3: Losing hair

After dying, always rinse with cold or tepid water to avoid your own hair from falling out.

– Number 2: Over-dying hair

If you did not achieve the desired effect, using Liquid Tide can correct this. A couple of days of use will lighten the color until your hair returns to the original color. Instead of over-dying, do touch-ups every four to five weeks to keep your hair color picture perfect.

– Number 1: Dying eyebrows and eyelashes

Never use hair dye on eyebrows and eyelashes! Ask for medical help when dye gets into your eye.

Source by John Morris

Help! My Computer Freezes With a Blue Screen! What is It?

They call it the Blue Screen of Death and you’ve heard that it is hard to fix. You’ve also heard from others that the only cure for it is a reinstall of your Operating System. You do not want it to happen to your PC but now it is happening to you, you are now staring at a blue computer screen that looks very much like how they have described it– bright blue screen filled with message that could make the head of the non-technical spin.

Don’t panic, it’s not the end of the world, you can fix it.

The blue screen of death can be caused by various things, it happens when your Windows operating system detects a hardware, software, or driver error which could hamper its smooth operation.

There are times when all one needs to do to resolve a blue screen is a simple restart of the machine. But when a computer shows you a blue screen every once in a while, it is actually signaling to you that something is wrong deep within and that if it is not addressed immediately a bigger problem could occur that can only be solve with a reinstall of the OS.

The proper technical term for the Blue Screen of Death is “Windows Stop Message”. This message appears when Windows could not recover from an error or a problem. Windows stops and diagnostic information appears on a blue screen. The layman would not easily understand the diagnostic message being displayed, but a good technician can easily figure out the root of the problem through this message.

The first step in dealing with a blue screen is to read the error message and write down on a piece of paper the error code then press Enter to go back to Windows but if your computer will not go back to Windows after you hit the Enter key you have no choice but to restart the computer by pressing Crtl+Alt+Del, in which case you’ll lose all the unsaved information in any program that was open when the blue screen happened. Restarting may fix blue screen if the problem was caused by a program that encountered an error that could be fixed with a reboot.

If your computer will not restart correctly and gives you the blue screen again, do the Crtl+Alt+Del again. While the PC is rebooting and memory-checks, press the F8 button repeatedly to bring up the Windows advanced options menu. When the Windows advanced option menu comes up, select the “restore last known good configuration” option. The “last known good configuration” is the latest settings that worked properly. The system will roll back to it and try to use it to be able to load. Windows XP has a built-in utility that allows for the storing of recent save point. This can always work as your first aid to blue screen but if the problem persists after trying this out, you can begin to think that a bigger problem in the system is happening. It could be that one or more programs is causing the problem.

If you have just installed a new program or made an update or installed a new driver, try uninstalling the program in safe mode. To enter the safe more, just press F8 while Windows is starting up, before the Windows Splash Screen appears. You will be prompted to select a mode that Windows will use, one of those modes is “Safe Mode with networking”. Select it using the arrow keys to navigate and hit Enter when you are at it. In Safe Mode with networking you can connect to the internet. Fire up Google and type in the search box the error code you’ve written down earlier and hit Enter. Google will then give results that would give you hints as to what device is causing the error and how to solve it.

It is possible to uninstall drivers and software in safe mode, just go to Start>Control Panel then click on Performance and Maintenance. Click on See basic information about your computer to bring up the System Properties dialog. Click on Hardware tab and click on the Device Manager button. The Device Manager will pop up. In the device Manager, select the device whose driver you need to uninstall and right-click on it and select “Uninstall…”. If it is a software that should be removed, just go to Start>Control Panel>Add Remove Programs and select the program to remove. After uninstalling the program, restart Windows in normal mode.

Source by Pinky Maniri

Duct Tape History and Uses

Duct tape was invented over sixty years ago and nowadays, has an almost cult like following of users from housewives to soldiers. There are thousands of things you can fix with duct tape. It is strong, sturdy and durable.

It was developed for the military during World War as a way to keep moisture out of ammunition boxes and, some say, was originally called “duck tape” because of its moisture resisting properties. Others claim its name relates to the cotton duck from which it was made. As were soldiers tarpaulins, tents, ponchos and other equipment at this time. Whatever the origin of its name, soldiers soon started using it for a variety of purposes other than on ammo boxes such as quickly repairing military equipment like guns, jeeps, and even aircraft.

The name duct tape came to be used after the war at which time its color was also changed from army green to silver and nowadays, you can buy it in a variety of colors. During the housing boom people started using duct tape for many purposes including using to seal heating and air conditioning ducts during construction. Hence the new name “duct tape”.

Duct tape consists of 3 layers. The top layer is a resilient plastic (Polyethylene). The middle layer is a fabric mesh, which facilitates tearing. And the bottom layer is a rubber-based adhesive. The 3 layers are pressed together during manufacture.

The Uses for Duct Tape Are Limited Only By The Imagination

Duct tape is commonly used in situations where a strong, flexible adhesive is required, especially where exposure to the elements is a concern. But over the years it has been used for a multitude of more zany situations including:

– repairing flat tires

– making women’s dresses, pants, shoes and hats

– restraining unruly prisoners

– making Christmas decorations

– making tennis balls behave like cricket balls

– as a temporary bandage

– temporarily repairing spacecraft

The number of uses to which duct tape can be put is often a source of humor. Many are described by the Duct Tape Guys (Jim Berg and Tim Nyberg) who, as of 2005, have written 7 books about duct tape. Such is the cult following of duct tape fans that their books have sold over 1.5 million copies.

Interestingly, duct tape is not actually very good in the situation after which it has been named. In fact, its use in ducts has been prohibited by the state of California and by building codes in most other places in the U.S.

More Duct Tape Wackiness

Duct tape’s widespread popularity and multitude of uses has earned it a strong place in popular culture and there are now festivals and contests dedicated to it.

Duck Products sponsors an annual competition that offers a college scholarship to the person who creates the most stylish prom formal wear made from duct tape. This has led to increasing interest in creating novelty and fashion pieces such as designer duct tape handbags, wallets, belts and related items. Various companies, like Duct Bills and Duct Tape Revolution now make wallets, bags and other accessories from the tape.

Its strength, low cost, and remarkable versatility make duct tape a household staple throughout the USA for temporary repairs and general-purpose use. That, alongside it’s rabid fan base means it’s set to be around for at least another 60 years.

Source by Phil Nichol

Underwear For Your Prom Dress – What To Buy?

It’s almost the prom season again! Girls are getting excited over wearing those formal dresses that will make them look like Hollywood stars on the red carpet. But before you rush to the nearest store to find the perfect prom dress, have you already thought about what you’re going to wear underneath?

Yes girls, it’s as equally important to know what underwear you will wear with your prom dress. Why? Because what you wear underneath will make or break your fashion statement. You wouldn’t want those lumps, bumps and fashion faux pas ruin your prom night. So here are some tips on buying underwear that will go with your prom dress.

Choose underwear that will give you a seamless look in your prom dress, just to be on the safe side. Some prom gown fabrics will cling to your body, so you better get rid of those visible panty lines beforehand. Pick a thong panty or G-string for a totally smooth look at the butt area. Or you can choose a seamless boyleg panty if you’re not comfortable wearing thongs.

Want to create an illusion of a smaller waistline? Girdles and waist cinchers can help you with that. They can hide the bulges in your waist and tummy area. Strapless bustier and corsets can also give you the same slimming effect. Just remember that you have to pick the right size. You’d want a shapewear that gives you a shapely look – but it should also allow you room to breathe. You don’t want to pass out on the dance floor, right?

If you’d like to look more “endowed” in the chest area, a push up bra is your best choice. Depending on your dress’s neckline, you can pick from strapless bras or convertible bras to make sure those bra straps are hidden from view. Going for a low neckline dress? Plunge bras can create that instant cleavage that will make you look hot in that sexy number.

There are also what you call backless bras for those – of course what else? – backless prom dresses. These may have low back straps, if you want “invisible” support, or may be something similar to adhesive bras that use skin-friendly adhesives for a more invisible look.

Adhesive bras or nipple covers are what you should pick if you plan to wear a prom dress that would show more skin. Just remember to secure your sexy gowns with some double sided clothing tapes to avoid embarrassing “peek-a-boos”.

So remember girls, picking the right underwear matters as much as buying the prom dress that will make you a real stunner. What you wear underneath will not only make you look more beautiful, it will also give you the confidence that will surely earn you the award of the night’s prom queen.

Source by Cassandra Haley

What Do I Have to Wear For a Captain Dinner on Cruise?

Preparing for a cruise trip has a very unique thrill attached to it; you sail off into the blue yonder, relax, swim, jog, play games and so many unimaginable things while surrounded by the turquoise blue waters of whatever ocean you are sailing in. Thoughts of all the places you will visit, the friends you will make and the excellent food you are going to be stuffing yourself silly with, crowd your mind. There is one aspect of the cruise that has you just a wee bit concerned and if you are someone like me with only one all purpose dress to my name, very much concerned! The question, what do I have to wear for Captains Dinner on cruise intrudes upon those lovely daydreams.

The Captains Dinner is one of the formal nights on board the cruise ship and men usually pull their tux out of storage in honor of the occasion. Women wear a formal gown or even a very smart trouser suit should fit the bill. There is a cocktail party followed by dinner and guests get to shake hands with the captain and have their picture taken with him. You are usually assigned a table when you board the ship and that will be your table for the duration of the trip. Some lucky people will be invited to sit at the Captains table for the dinner and it is considered a great honor to be invited to do so.

If you don’t have a tuxedo odds are you can rent one on the ship but you will have to do so at the very first given opportunity. Otherwise wearing a smart suit is becoming quite the fashion these days so it is not such a big deal. It may be a good idea to check with the cruise line as to what they consider acceptable dress code for the Captains Dinner; it usually is a black tie night so for the guys a black dinner jacket or tux, formal trousers and bow tie with vest over a white dress shirt and as I mentioned earlier the ladies can turn themselves out in a gown or smart outfit depending on your wardrobe.

What you need to understand is that it is not mandatory to dress up and parade around or attend the Captains Dinner though it is known to be one of the highlights of the trip. It is understood that some people are not comfortable in formal dress and anyway you are on a cruise to enjoy yourself. Have dinner in one of the restaurants, you’ll probably be the only one but so what!

Formal dress codes have changed drastically over the years and as offices began allowing the business casual dress code to take over; cruise ships have been adapting themselves to the same change in dress styles. Gone are the days when you had to dress up for dinner on board a cruise ship. Now even dressing for the Captains Dinner is less formal and restrictive. Men don’t have to wear tuxedoes, a business suit or smart casual jacket and tie will suffice. Women of course have the greater flexibility and can put on a cocktail dress of short, medium of floor length and still steal the show.

Source by David Erskine

The Top 5 Most Common Computer Problems

If you have a PC, then you have most likely suffered from computer problems. Most people have accepted that there PC will eventually crash due to a virus or some massive error. However this is a myth. Your PC is built to last more than a decade. However you must keep well tuned for it to make its third birthday. Nevertheless, most people would rather buy a shiny new PC rather than spend an hour trying to fix computer problems on there 2 year lap top or desktop. After another two year after their purchase lack of maintenance will cause their new PC to lose its performance speed. Whats next you guess, $3000 Windows Vista Ready PC. This is known as the consumer vicious cycle.

Why have does your computer have problems?

Well, the biggest problem that your computer has is its owner. More than 80% of computer problems stem from neglecting to perform simple maintenance task such as cleaning your registry, emptying your cache files and updating software regularly. If these task a perform diligently. You would be reading this article from a five year old machine running on Windows 98 operating system. So, lets take a look at the top five computer problems and how to avoid them.

1. Computer has performance has slowed.

This is the number one complaint from most users. There are several reason why this has occurred. However, most can attributed to lack of maintenance. Fragmented data, corrupted registry, spyware, and load of unnecessary programs and services running can all eat away at your PC speed and performance. Manage your programs and cleaning your registry would easily award you a 30% gain in performance speed. Check out The 4 ways to speed up my computer

2. Lockup, freezes, and blue screens of death.

This is a another common computer problem. However, this particular issue is a bit more serious; therefore, it needs a few diagnostic steps. In most cases this problems are caused by spyware. To avoid this problem update your anti-spyware program daily. Having the most up to date signatures will help you avoid having a serious spyware problem. However, if you have concluded that your PC is spyware free. You should update your hardware drivers. The computer cannot communicate with various hardware components without an up to date driver. When it cannot find a driver, the CPU locks up. Also, increasing your virtual memory can also help to avoid freezes. Virtual Memory will allow to you get more use out your computer’s RAM. Check the resource box for more info on the subject.

3. The computer spontaneously reboots or turn itself off.

This computer problem can be usually attributed to a hardware issue. Usually its the power supply is dying or in most cases a dirty or defective cooling fan. The computer trying to cool itself by automatically switching off. So, if you feel a bit of extra heat coming out the computer. Clean the fan and make sure it running properly. If your fan is functional, check your power supply. Also, you will be surprised how many people fail to make sure the cables are attached tightly. This be the cause of this particular computer problem.

4. Strange noises and vibrations.

This is almost totally a hardware issue. You computer is made up of thousands of parts. Its not unheard of that one of them can become unhinged. Overheating can cause expansion of wires and melt some sensitive. High pitch noises such as squealing or whining sounds can be cause electronic components. Whatever the reason, you conduct a small investigation. Remove the case and run the computer to discover the origin of the computer problem. If its not a simple matter such as a loose wire or fan issue, it may be time to call a computer tech.

5. Your home page, default search engine, or web browser has changed itself.

This is also known as “high-jacking”. Spyware has been installed on your computer via social networking or from email link. This action has allowed spyware to install a java script into your web browser. The spyware then sends a message to your browser to change your user settings. For example change your home page to another web page.

As you have discovered from reading the article, the most common computer problems can be handle quite easily by simple maintenance of your PC. Net time you are suffering from computer problems. Take a few minutes to run some diagnostic test before rushing out to computer technical center claiming your PC is broken. When all you need to do was just make sure it was plugged in.

Source by Gaelim Holland

Wholesale Distribution Business: Export and Sell Your Products To Mexico By The Truckload

Selling products to Mexico is easier than ever. Mexico is the #1 importer of US products in the world. There is a need for all types of products including food, beverages, electronics, cars, tools, candy, toys, clothing, everything.

Mexicans are so eager to buy that they come to the USA looking for products instead of waiting around for someone to call them and sell them something. They visit US trade shows, organizations and many companies. I constantly have someone in San Diego visiting from Mexico to speak with me on how they can find products of all kinds to export.

Who’s looking for products? Mainly wholesale distributors and retailers. They are looking for products to sell in retail stores or to other distributors in Mexico, most of the time they will buy truckloads of product and export them to Mexico themselves, handling the shipping, imports and tariffs.

Why do they do this? Why are they so eager to buy US products? Simple, they don’t have Mexican made products they can sell and they want to be the first to carry a new American product. They know if they are the first to market with a new product they can make a lot of money very fast. After that they just restock their customer’s shelves.

The big question I’m asked by my consulting clients is: how do I get started exporting to Mexico?

To export to Mexico you can be passive or active. You can go after the business or wait until they come looking for you, and believe me, if you have a good product, eventually they will.

—Passive Approach—

The passive approach to getting business is to make sure Mexican businesspeople can find you. Here are a few tactics on how to reach exporters:

-You have to make sure your products are in US trade shows. You don’t have to go yourself, maybe a customer sells at trade shows or you hire a broker that goes to trade shows.

-Make sure all your products and sales materials have an international phone number (not just a USA toll free number) as well as an email address. This includes your website, product labels, business cards and brochures.

-Have the right information ready. Make sure you already know what your international price will be. It’s usually much lower than your US price, especially if they will pay the export fees and transportation. You also need all the product specifications like weight, dimensions, case count or pallet count.

—Active Approach—

If you are serious about selling to Mexico and would like to do it NOW you have to be more active. You can’t just wait for people to find you because it can take months or even years if you don’t have any promotions in the marketplace.

The first thing you have to do is learn more about your target market. How much are people paying in Mexico for your product or a similar product? How much are they paying to import and transport those products? What are the profit margins for the distributors and retailers? Where could you sell your products? How many stores are there in Mexico?

Once you learn more about your target market and you develop your price strategy it’s time to find customers. Visit Mexican trade shows, look for US distributors already selling in Mexico and find brokers.

After you educate yourself a bit more on the Mexican marketplace you also need to determine what kind of support your new found customers will need in Mexico. Do you have a product that sells itself or do you need store promotion, POS (Point of Sale) material, sales commissions, or some other support.

Many times my customers tell me “I just want to sell my product in the USA and someone can export it, sell it, merchandise it and distribute it”. Well, this is possible. I’ve helped companies sell products like mayonnaise, water, margarine and other products that sell themselves in this fashion. But if your product is not a “first necessity” product or name brand, chances are you’ll either have to do some promotion or give a very good price to distributors and importers.

Copyright © 2006 Jorge Olson

Source by Jorge Olson

Is My Personal Information and Identity Safe at the Computer Repair Shop?

What you are about to read may alarm you. If you take your computer in for repair, your personal information is at risk of getting into the wrong hands and you can become a victim of identity theft!

Most people don’t think about it, and some take it for granted, but really how safe is your personal information when you take your computer in for repair.

Hi, my name is Bill Arnoldi. I own my own computer repair company and have over 18 years of experience in I. T. management.

This is a question posed to me by both my consumer and corporate customers over the years.

Not every computer repair tech or company adhere to the industry ethical practices of not snooping around on a client’s computer. There are some steps that you can take to minimize your exposure to your personal information and confidential data being compromised, but in general, there is always some risk.

Here are some tips on reducing the chance that your personal information and personal identity stored on your computer will get into unscrupulous hands.

There are really two major components to consider when addressing procedures to increase the security of your personal information when you place your computer in the hands of a computer repair technician or service provider.

The first component is limiting the amount of personal information that you place in computer service provider’s possession when you give them your computer to repair. You can do this by utilizing one or both of these procedures.

Don’t give it to them in the first place. If you can keep your hard drive, take it out of your computer and ask the service technician to use another drive of their own to perform the repair. This really only works when the problem is NOT with your hard drive, such as in data corruption, possible failure, or infection by virus, malware or spyware.

If your computer still boots and you can access your programs, clear all your usernames and passwords from all your programs, messengers, and web browsers. Move all your personal data files to an external backup device like a flash drive or hard drive. Then you can use a utility to securely wipe all the deleted information from your hard drive to make sure it cannot be recovered. Remember, just deleting the information once does not really delete the data, you need special software to completely make the data unrecoverable.

If taking your hard drive out is not an option, try hooking it up to another computer to remove your personal data to another drive temporarily while your computer is in for repair. Also make sure to delete all the temporary files that may contain your personal information, such as the web browser cache, and other temporary file locations.

If none of these procedures are practical for you, then you have to establish confidence and trust in your service provider.

The second component to ensuring your personal information is safe with your computer repair person is determining their integrity and establishing level of trust and comfort with them.

Here are some ways you can feel comfortable with your computer service provider.

Find out how long they have been doing computer repair. The longer the better. In theory, if they were dishonest and lacked integrity, they would probably not be providing services anymore.

What have they been responsible for in the past? If they have experience in providing service to large companies, then they probably have a good track record for protecting customer data because large corporations demand security for their data before they let a person perform repairs on their systems.

What procedures do they have in place to prevent data theft or snooping at their company? This does not necessarily apply to the individual technician where they are the only person performing the computer services, but is more applicable to companies with several techs. They should have policies and protections in place to limit the ability on someone absconding with a client’s data. in truth, these protections are not 100% effective but they can serve as a deterrent. Ultimately, in my opinion the only real sure method would probably be to strip search every tech before they left the premises. That’s not happening, so therein lies a bit of risk regardless of the protections in place.

Obtain testimonials and references. Google them on the Internet. See if there are any complaints about their handling personal information. Get recommendations from friends or seek referrals to a tech that someone else has used successfully.

The sum of all this is that you need to do enough research or inquiries until you feel comfortable handing over your computer with your personal information on it to them.

Utilizing these practices is not foolproof. I cannot stress enough that the only bullet-proof way to ensure your personal information and identity is not compromised except is to make sure the computer repair company does not have access to it in the first place. The reality is that in most cases, this is just not practical or possible, especially where correcting problems on the hard drive to restore functionality is what is required.

Finally, keep in mind that in general the majority of computer repair and service providers are on the up-and-up. There are a few sour grapes in the bunch, but the rest of them are pretty good.

Source by Bill Arnoldi

Good Morning America Inbox Dollars – Scam?

Recently, Good Morning America featured an online company named “Inbox Dollars”. It wasn’t such a surprise that this company is completely internet based, but the surprising part of it, was that this company deals with online paid surveys. If you have ever looked into paid surveys, then you will know exactly why this is so surprising (so many of these companies scam people by making consumers pay to get access to their surveys).

Now, on Good Morning America, Inbox Dollars explained that people can earn money in several different ways through their website:

* Reading Email

* Shopping Online

* Trying Brand Name Products

* Taking Surveys Online

* Playing Games

So this is not just an online survey site at all. There is much more to it. Now the way Inbox Dollars works is complicated, yet very simple to the end user. People may wonder how Inbox Dollars can just pay people for reading emails, playing games, or trying products. Well, to put it simply, on the email part, you will get about 2-3 emails per day to read. These emails will be advertisements and you get paid just for viewing the advertisement. You will also get paid if you take advantage of the advertisement, some may be free trials and others may be reduced prices. Either way, you get paid for reading the email. The rest is optional. But Inbox Dollars can pay you just for reading the email because they get paid by the advertiser for showing you the ad. So for the games and brand name products, it is presented to you in a very similar fashion.

In regards to the online surveys, it works in the same way. If a company has a survey questionnaire that they need filled in, they look for survey companies, like inbox dollars to have these completed. The survey company pays inbox dollars and inbox dollars pays you a portion for you to complete the survey. The problem with other online survey companies is that they never pay you. But with Inbox Dollars, they have over 3.5 million members and have been in this business for years. They know the value of their members and in order to keep them, they must pay them.

Last but not least, Inbox Dollars is 100% free to join. No fee for membership, EVER. Some survey sites will actually charge you to get access to their surveys or survey sites. Most, if not all of those sites are scamming you in one way or another. In most cases, the surveys they give you access to are just surveys from some other free site you could have found on your own. They are basically just charging you a fee to take your money and feeding you surveys they found for free on Google themselves. In addition, most of these sites are not the actual survey owners, so it is not their responsibility for paying people for the surveys, so you never know if you will actually get paid for the surveys they give you.

I hope you have found this information useful and helpful in your search for legitimate online companies for making money. If you would like to see our top 3 online paid survey companies, please visit the website below.

Source by Samantha A Bennett