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Alyce Prom Dresses – A Real Designer Prom Dress

Only one or two fashion houses can claim to have been founded and run by an award winning fashion designer; Alyce prom dresses were founded by Alyce Hamm and her brother Jean-Paul and to this day, remains a family owned business producing some of the world’s most beautiful gowns that have been worn by some of the world’s most famous and beautiful women.

Alyce Hamm hails from France and attended the world renowned Ecole de Couture in Paris. Soon after graduating she – along with her brother – founded a fashion house to design and make evening and formal occasion gowns. Because of her talents as a designer her name became synonymous with sophisticated designs. Of her success she said ‘It was a dream for me that my company become internationally successful. My designs are worn by women around the world.’

Some of the women who have worn an Alyce design include movie stars like Carol Burnett, Denise Richards and Meg Ryan (who wore one in ‘When Harry Met Sally’). Britney Spears wore an Alyce dress to her prom.

It’s not surprising that the rich and famous choose Alyce – the exquisite materials, adornments, and beautiful designs ensure that they are among the most sought after of designer prom dresses. The awards that the company and dresses collected back this up; a Desert Rose as wells as 20 DEBI and many DIVA awards.

Currently, there are 2 main collections on offer; B’Dazzle and Black Label Prom. The B’Dazzle collection, as the name suggests, are for those who want to be noticed. The design is contemporary with modern, sensuous fabrics like charmeuse satin that will hug every curve. Elegant beading, shirring and stunning necklines give this collection a very modern, sophisticated and classy look.

The Black Label collection is perhaps the most sophisticated of designer prom dresses. The collection is epitomized by bustier bodices, strapless, tiered organza skirts, trains, lace-up corsets, embroidery, shirred bodices and off-the-shoulder gowns.

Prices of Alyce prom dress aren’t as expensive as you might think; you can buy one for under $250.

Few other companies can claim to be have been founded by a talented fashion designer who still contributes to the design process; Jessica McClintock prom dresses are one of the few. If you’re looking to buy a designer prom dress that really will make you look fantastic on your big night, then you should take a close look at what an Alyce design.

Source by Robin Cassidy

Jennifer Lopez Wows in Indian Fashion Designer Outfit

The latest news in the Indian fashion world is Jennifer Lopez’s incredibly fierce and sexy outfit at the Billboard 2014 Music Awards in Las Vegas on May 18th. This dress was an all in one sheer, black body suit. It glittered as she moved revealing crystal and metallic gold work covering the garment. The dazzling outfit seemed to transport us back to the Baroque times with its shimmering gold glow whilst the silhouette kept the style rooted in the 20th century, adding a punky feel. What’s even more amazing is that this garment was created by the Indian fashion designer duo Falguni and Shane Peacock!

This superstar managed to wow the audience by not only achieving a magnificent look but also by receiving the 2014 Icon Award. She performed two songs before being presented with the award and the audience went crazy!

The Indian fashion designer duo Falguni and Shane Peacock were extremely pleased that they were able to dress the style icon. They claimed that she was a true fan of theirs and it was their honour to dress her. They stated that they try and create truly ravishing and sexy looks for JLo.

It is not just this famous icon that the Indian fashion designer duo dresses but also other client stars have included Katy Perry, Fergie, Rihanna, Kim Kardashian, Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, Lady Gaga and Emily Blunt.

Falguni and Shane Peacock’s designs are highly detailed with intricate patterns. Their styling is sometimes unusual which makes their garments particularly unique. The Indian fashion designer duo’s common belief is that a dress must make a statement instantly without the help of accessories.

The signature styling elements that are used tend to be feathers and prints, as the underlying concept behind the brand tends to be the juxtaposition between contrasting elements, tradition and modernity, fragility and strength and severity and fluidity.

They embrace the concepts of luxury and intricacy as well as rock and roll chic.

This Indian fashion designer duo created a particularly unique and intriguing outfit for the actress Neha Dhupia to wear at the India Bridal Fashion Week in March. Rather then the usual bridal outfit, which consists of rich, opulent colours with ornate jewellery and heavy embroidery, Falguni and Shane Peacock had gone for a different and more radical look. The dress worn by the actress was positively gothic consisting of deep, dark patterns of purples, blacks and reds with translucent, black, gauze sleeves. This look seemed to describe marriage as going to war. This outfit has totally redefined the bridal look revealing a more complex and innovative take on the Indian bride.

Source by Georgia Blandy