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Lakme India Fashion Week

Lakme  Fashion  Week is an event that celebrates  fashion . This event is organized by Lakme which is known to the top brand in the cosmetic and beauty in India and IMG  fashion  which is a global leader in the management and production of  fashion  week and  designer   fashion  events. Lakme  Fashion  Week 2009 of Fall Winter was organized from 27th to 31st March 2009 at Grand Hyatt, Mumbai. Lakme is the top brand in the beauty industry which offers the high performance and an exceptional quality of cosmetics, skincare products, and beauty salons all over the country. Lakme provides its consumers a holistic “Beauty Sutra” who experience through its products and services at the Lakme Beauty Salons.

IMG  Fashion  is a division of international sports, entertainment and media company. Its a global leader in the  fashion  weeks and  designer   fashion  events. Its an industry that gives a portfolio of events features like Lakme India Fasion Week.

Event Background:

The  Fashion  Design Council of India was established in 1998. Apart from fostering the growth of the industry in the collaboration with the agencies both government and others. The council stress on the development of domestic Pret-a-Porter (Ready-to-wear) and Diffusion (a line between ready to wear and trousseau/couture) markets. Lakme Fasion Week is the national platform that showcases the creativity of the  designers  which can also promote the business at national as well as international levels.

 Designers :

Anamika Khanna: Anamika Khanna is the well known name in the  fashion  industry who has bagged with the  award  of the Damania  Fashion   Award  1995 which jumpstarted her career and it has begin the label of “Ananmika Khanna”. The color, craft, texture is naturally her area of specialization.

Manish Malhotra: Manish Malhotra is the name in the  fashion  industry that needs no introduction. His creativity of  fashion  spans in broader spheres of Bollywood designs, and styling. He has designed for about 1000 films.

Neeta Lulla and Nishka Lulla: Neeta Lulla has presented the contemporary and ethnic cultural influence of Indian and western styles, prints and designs with jewelery that offset the facet of collection.

Rocky S:  Fashion  is elements that is always created by making our own style. For the  designer  like Rocky S the Lakme India  Fashion  Week proves to be the benchmark of his career which adds an array of the creative endevours. He has designed many bollywood celebrities like John Abraham, Bipasha Basu, Katrina Kaif, Shilpa Shetty, Hrithik Roshan, Arjun Rampal, Dia Mirza.

Conclusion of the Show:

The event of the Lakme India  Fashion  Week is marked by the celebrities and the  designers  from all round the globe. It provides a platform for the  designers  to represent their creativity in front of the whole world. For the  designers  who are already established they can maintain their popularity level through this Lakme India  Fashion  Week. The presence of the celebrities on the ramp of the favourite  designers  and it also promotes the export business. The film stars acts as the crowd pullers for the celebrations. It is extensively covered by the media and is also promoted also.

 News  and Features about the Lakme  Fashion  Week:

Lakme  Fashion  Week celebrates 10 years

Lakme  Fashion  Week is celebrating the 10 years in  fashion . It is the the most awaited celebration of  fashion . Its a 5 day event which showcases the 50 top  designers  from all over the country. Out of which 2  designers  are form the emerging category, 6 gen next category, 4 accessory  designer  and 38 established  designers .

Ace  designers  Tarun Tahiliani will be presenting the grand finale which is themed as Glamor. Buyers from all over the world Middle East, South Africa, France, Hong Kong, and USA are expected in the  fashion  week. The sponsors like Geetanjali, Skoda-Auto, Westside, DHL, Grey Goose, and Marie Claire all works hand in hand with the Fashion Week.

Source by Neha Verma

Technology Inspired Fashion – Your Little Black Phone Dress?

Both fashion and technology are changing quicker than we can keep up with these days and you’ll be surprised to learn about the latest styles that will soon be on the streets.

What are the latest technology-inspired fashion trends?

Cell phone dresses and shirts that hug. Seriously.

Your little black… phone? Introducing the M-Dress

If you’re anything like me, when you’re heading out for the night you’re always trying to find the tiniest purse to fit three very important items: your keys, lipstick and cell phone, of course. And even when you find the right purse, you still have to deal with carrying it around all night, which is not what you want to be worrying about while you’re out having fun.

Good news girls: One company has solved that issue for us with the invention of a dress that also doubles as a cell phone. This innovative dress designed by Cute Circuit, aims to be elegant yet convenient, by allowing you to spend a night on the town without any extra baggage but also giving you the capability to make and receive phone calls- directly from your dress. Look out for this little black dress/phone in 2011!

How it works:

Simply slip your sim card into the label of the dress and you’re all ready to begin dress dialing. The dress is made with a special gesture recognition ability that allows you to answer calls by lifting a hand to your ear and end calls by dropping your hand. Different ringtones can be assigned so that you always know who is calling, however the dress is limited to calling only a few pre-programmed numbers. (You can always set one to be the operator though, to get around this limit).

Feeling lonely? Try out the Hug Shirt

Next on the list of couture of the future is a shirt that will never leave you lonely. The Hug Shirt, also designed by Cute Circuit, enables physical affection, in the form of hugs, to be transmitted, no matter how far you are from the one that you love! Francesca Rosella, a designer of the Hug Shirt claims that she’d like to do for touch what telephone did for sound.

How it works:

The Hug Shirt has built in sensors that can feel touch, warmth and, supposedly, the emotion of the hug- which it then transmits through Bluetooth technology. In order to give and receive hugs, both you and the person you’d like to hug must be wearing the shirt. If you do not own a Hug Shirt but know someone who does, you can send them a hug by downloading special Hug Me software. This strange new technology, which will become available in 2011 will keep you and your loved ones always feeling loved.

Other unique technology inspired styles created by Cute Circuit include:

• An electric gown with built in light bulbs, worn by Katy Perry at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

• The Galaxy Dress, which has 24,000 LED lights embroidered into it to ensure that the person wearing this dress will be the light of every party.

• The Skirteleon, which will change color and pattern when commanded, so that you never have to worry about changing outfits for different activities and moods.

What do you think of these fashion trends of the future?

Source by Rania Eldekki

Styles From The 2011 Awards Season

The 2011  awards  season is one of the best places to see stylish  dresses  that are going to be big players throughout the year. The spring, especially, and summer  dress  trends are likely to be similar to those red carpet  dresses  so many stars wore. As you look at some of the styles that were popular this year, remember that you can choose other versions that fit your body or needs better.

The top styles of the 2011  awards  season are likely to go down as some of the best. Color, style and even a few misses did make the headlines. However, the following are some of the best choices for the spring and summer  dress  season right from the  award’s  red carpet.

  • An off the shoulder look, with a high empire waist and great looking jewel colors is one of the most popular styles. This long and flowing  dress  is an ideal choice for a romantic wedding or may work well on prom.
  • When glamour is important, choose a form fitting design. Black is still an important color this season, but to take some of the dullness from it, choose a  dress  with a stripe of color, or even just white.
  • Glimmer is in this  dress  season. For an elegant event, choose a monochromatic  dress . Look for gowns that have a metallic shimmer to them, but the fabric quality needs to be high quality. Otherwise, the  dress  gets lost and looks too futuristic. It should still be sensual.
  • Sparkle works for  designer  summer  dresses , but only with rich tones. Choose a deep blue, green or red color that has sparkle to it. This, paired with a few well selected diamonds and the right heels, is a good option.
  •  Dresses  are long this  award’s  season and many of the summer and spring gowns do have those lower hem lines. That’s okay. These gowns create more of a sensual appeal to them while still being form fitting from the top down to the upper thigh.
  • Is avant-garde really in? There were a few very well selected  dresses  that fit this style genre. If you want to  dress  up for the artsy party you are headed to this summer, do go with an avant-garde look, perhaps with a more simplistic look than an over the top look.

 Designer   dresses  from this year’s  awards  shows are impressive and they scream romantic and sensual appeal rather than strong sexy looks. For your  dress  choices, choose  designer   dresses  that feature deeper colors and longer hemlines. You also want a  dress  that offers just enough sophistication and elegance, but since it is summer, do look for more flirty looks to pair up with these more elaborate gowns.

 Designers  are ready with a line of great looking gowns for all of those 5 star occasions you plan to attend this year. Choose a few of these  award  style inspired  dresses  to add to your closet to ensure you are looking your best.

Source by Shirley Applegate

Maria Pinto – American Fashion Designer

Michelle Obama and Mario Pinto

If it’s one thing Michelle Obama cannot be accused of is being selfish, as she has taken not only herself but a string of fashion designers to the white house with her. Maria Pinto is just another American fashion designer who has benefited from Michelle Obama’s iconic fashion sense.

Obama started wearing Pinto’s designs back in 2004 when her husband was running for the senate. Pinto’s big moment came when Michelle Obama choose to wear a turquoise dress designed by Pinto to give her speech at the Democratic Convention in Denver at the Pepsi Centre on August 25, 2008

Accessories and Michelle Obama

This turquoise dress was simple but elegantly made to closely silhouette Obama’s shape. With a slanting V neckline to the shoulder, this simple dress was dramatically accessorized with a large brooch or ornament (in the same colour) fixed to the front of the dress at the neckline. This look is a testament to the way in which handcrafted accessories or statement Jewellery can lift an outfit.

The woman who makes Michelle Obama look good

Pinto has been labeled the “Woman Who Makes Michelle Obama Look Good” by Linda Lowen on women’s issues.

Who is Maria Pinto?

Pinto 51, is a Chicago based designer and has been in the fashion industry for 16 years. She was forced to close her business in 2002 due to bankruptcy. This was further compounded by a bout of ill health. Despite these adversities, Pinto re -emerged even stronger in 2004. In June 2008 she opened a boutique in her home town Chicago in the West Loop at 133N. Jefferson St.

Maria was always keenly interested in fashion and at age thirteen was creating and sewing her own designs and even sewed her own high school prom dress. Pinto worked in the family’s Italian restaurant business until the age of 30 when she enrolled at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Pinto also studied at New York’s Parson’s School of Design and the Fashion Institute of Technology. Subsequent to this she worked with fashion icon Geoffrey Beene, in New York before branching off on her own.

Pinto’s design and fashion accolades

Pinto’s website states that, “She has received many prestigious design and fashion accolades throughout her career, including the opportunity on two occasions to design seductive costumes for the Joffrey Ballet’s Recorde Per Due (2002) and Age of Innocence (2008); the Best of Fashion Award, Chicago Magazine (2000); and the Gold Coast Fashion Award, previously won by Anne Klein, Donna Karan and Bill Blass (1998). In 2009, Maria Pinto will be honored by the Anti-Defamation League as the recipient of their Women of Achievement Award, and the School of The Art Institute’s Legend of Fashion Award.” (As published on Mario Pinto’s website)

Mario Pinto is yet another rising star in the american fashion design scene thanks to Michelle Obama. Michelle Obama with her unique accessories and individual exotic designs is fast becoming a conversation with style which starts “where did she get that”? – Because when Michelle Obama dresses that’s what people are asking. Especially since her off the rack choices make it affordbale for the masses to follow her style of dress and keeps her in touch with society.

Source by Arline James-Thomas

Reasons To Buy Designer Dresses

What is fashion?

To some it is taking a note the hottest trends off the runways, and to some it is taking inspirations from the runways and incorporating versions of the trends in their own individual style. To understand what people want to wear and what might appeal to the senses is the job fashion designers excel at and they is why they are there. To understand the trends, forecast some new trends and create unique versions of trends and convert them into wearable silhouettes for women and men. When there are hordes of clothes available in the markets and shopping malls are full of prêt-a-porter lines, why is it that there would still be some people who would want to shell out that extra moolah and go for fashion designer clothes instead?

The reasons are many and difficult to collate into one single article but we would still try to cover as much as we can over here.

The brand’s ideology is what appeals the most to you.

You have known and trusted this particular brand for ages, and it seems the most natural to you to be buying from a brand that has been trusted for years by your family. You know that the brand incorporates the latest trends in their designer clothing and that there’s this particular affinity for the styles that they excel at making. It can be distressed fashion clothes, or it can be sharp and chiselled silhouettes, but something that you totally feel is up your alley all the time. That particular logo is what you love to have on your, and you’d always be driven to that brand no matter what your need is.

This designer knows his job!

There’s this fashion designer who always makes something new, and what you want at that time is something fresh. And DIFFERENT! And for your exact need, the designer would be able to take a brief from you regarding your personal style and create and implement his own fashion sense to devise something that is delightfully beautiful.

You don’t know what you want but you have an idea.

You approach a fashion house, browse through catalogues and designs and zero in on a design that you like. You can now approach the specific designer and ask him to

recreate a piece that you have liked albeit a different rendition of it and voila, you are ready to stand apart from the crowd but in a pretty sort of way.

Source by Sachin Malhotra