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High Street Fashion

We seem to hear more and more about High Street Fashion but nobody looks interested in explaining what it means. Fashion magazines, fashion blogs all seem to have a separate column or category dedicated to this phenomenon but all we see are pictures, pictures and more pictures!? So what is it?

After some research that involved looking through many magazines and seeing tons of pictures (like the one I was talking about above) I feel that I might have an idea about what high street fashion is. You surely have seen men and women, young girls and boys passing you on the street that seem to have a very strong personal style. They either combine the latest of the fashion designs or simply wear outfits that they, themselves create.

Nonetheless, the outcome of their fashion choices is something unique and defiantly worthy of at least a bit of our admiration. All the pictures that we see in fashion blogs are actually pictures of these types of persons that have a way of impressing us through their fashion choices.

In a word where more and more people seem to be dressing in the same way, these fashion worriers dare to be different. They are the ones that are not afraid of wearing vintage clothes with designer items, or combine some colors that can make your eyes hurt. They are unique in every way, starting from the make-up, shoes and, of course, clothes.

We can say that it is actually very good if we more people dressing up like this because wearing the same clothes like everyone else make one look at common as a lamp post. So mix it up, spice it up and you’ll see that soon enough you will start having more confidence in yourself and in your fashion choices. Also, don’t forget to look at some High Street Fashion pictures, now that you know what this phenomenon is all about, maybe you can get some inspiration from there!

Source by Jack Wogan

Designer Wedding Dresses – Make Your Big Day Even More Special

A wedding day is one of the most important days in a bride’s life. We’ve seen the movies, watched the celebrities. Immaculately coiffed with impeccable makeup, the bride floats down the aisle in a wedding  dress  simply made in heaven. No detail is out of place. The  dress  is sculptured to the bride’s body so she looks like a goddess. Brides can attain wedding gown heaven and make their wedding day even more special, by choosing a wedding  dress .

Where to Find a  Designer  Wedding  Dress 

Today,  designer  wedding  dresses  can be found in department stores, at bridal boutiques, discount bridal stores, in online boutiques, on online auctions, and, of course, in showrooms. Online auctions generally provide the most discounts for a wedding  dress . However, while you may save on the cost, you may pay later in aggravation and disappointment. Online auctions do not provide personal service you can trust if the seller is an individual. Furthermore, an online individual seller does not have the expertise to give you guidance beyond the basics – the color and condition of the  designer   dress . With a bridal section at a department store, bridal consultants and tailors are available to find and fit you in the perfect  designer   dress . Unfortunately they don’t carry extensive stock.

This is also the challenge when you shop with one particular  designer . Besides denting your budget with a five or six figure cost, whether you choose one of the  designer’s  off-the-rack or showroom floor  dresses , you’re limited to what that  designer , and only that  designer , envisions. This is true even if the  designer  creates a one-of-a-kind  designer   dress  “envisioned” by you. To avoid these challenges, many brides find the best place to purchase a  dress ; especially a  designer  wedding  dress  is a bridal store with an online website. A bridal store has the personalized bridal consultant assistance.

They also offer a wide variety of wedding  dresses  from several  designers  in luxurious fabrics, lace, beading, and embellishments. A bridal store will not only tailor your  designer  wedding  dress  or make a special order from one of their sister stores; they can create made-to-order  designer  wedding  dresses . Most importantly, unlike discount bridal stores, they offer a full range of services and bridal accessories for you, your bridesmaids, and flower girls. They often offer  dresses  for special occasions and receptions, too.

Getting Your Perfect  Designer  Wedding  Dress 

To choose the perfect  designer  wedding  dress  requires a bit of research, and a sense of your own style.

Research: When the bride wears a wedding  dress  that fits her season, location, and budget, she is happy. Determine your budget, and any cushion you may have. Then decide when (the season) and where (the location) you will get married. A wool wedding  dress  on a Bahamian beach during the day in July will make you, and your guests, uncomfortable.

Style: To look like a goddess, the bride must use her intuitive style. The perfect  designer  wedding  dress  must flatter your body shape. A ball gown wedding  dress , which consists of a tight fitted bodice with a full skirt, is flattering to almost any body type. An A-line  designer  wedding  dress , which fits snuggly on the top then flares from the waist down, or an empire waist gown, which fits the bust, then flows into a loose skirt from the bust on down, is attractive on full-figured women, or women with heavy hips or thighs or a thick waist. This body type will also find a dropped or Basque waistline hides lower body flaws. Slim, proportionally balanced women bring pizzazz to a sheath or mermaid wedding styled  dress . A sheath  dress  form-fits from head to toe, while the mermaid  dress  fits tightly through the bodice, hips, and legs, with a flare at the base.

The perfect  designer  wedding  dress  must also flatter your upper body. Choose a neckline that sets off or camouflages your bust, shoulders, and arms. If your arms are a little heavy or you carry extra weight on your back, add long or three-quarter length sleeves to a shoulder, sweetheart, scoop, tank, or v-neck neckline. If your bust is small, or your body style is pear-shaped, a strapless, halter, and v-neck necklines are the least flattering. All of these neckline choices will flatter an average to ample bust line. Just adjust the deepness of the bust to its most flattering line.

A wedding dress is generally the most photographed article a woman owns. In making your final selection, take trustworthy companions who will tell you which dress suits you best. Also listen to the bridal consultant’s opinion. Yes, they want to make a sale, but a reputable bridal shop knows a happy customer creates more happy customers. Consider not just how you look in the mirror, but also how you feel. After all considerations, go with your gut. It’s your day. It should be your choice. Choosing a  designer  wedding  dress  from a reputable bridal shop with online web assistance, will take away some of the guesswork and stress, and make your wedding day a special day.

Source by Yancy Jefferson

Fashion Trends in Spring Dresses

Spring dresses are light and trendy in vibrant color hues to add vigor to life. There are lots of options for women during the season but something in white and light pastel colors looks most exciting and charming.

White spring dresses is something that everyone enjoys wearing as it delivers a feeling of lightness and coolness. Nothing beats the charm and appeal of white dresses during the season, delivering a romantic and innocent femininity. These are classic summer staple that gives a fresh airy feel and can never go out of style. The only thing that changes over a period of time is the fabric, design, shape, and style of dresses. These blend beautifully with all skin tones and also hold the power to make any woman stand out. Available in a variety of styles and designs, this dress of the season gives a bold and beautiful look on any occasion.

Apart from whites, variety of dresses in vibrant colors like shades of greens, blues, and pinks also adds to the list of spring dresses. The colored dresses in combination with white shades and contours are extremely captivating.

The most common types of fabrics used during the season are cotton, chiffon, and georgette. These materials give an airy kind of feeling that enhances the level of comfort on a warm sunny day. Flattering designs and prints like the flowery prints, geometric prints, diamond pattern, block prints, and flowery lace work adds elegance and excitement to these dresses.

Furthermore, the kind of necklines and designer sleeves are also excitingly attractive. Necklines like boat neck, V-neck, sweetheart, collar, and high necks are best options to beat the heat and sleeves in the form of bell, mega sleeves, short, and long transparent sleeves are rocking.

Apart from these, the running fashion trends in spring dresses are the wrap dress, sun dress, short skirts, and a long piece. Wrap dresses are utmost popular with their trendy appeal and feel. These are long piece of cloth available in variety of colors, designs, and prints and are wrapped around the waist. These look elegant with short tops or designer kurtis.

A Sun dress is just a name given to pure cotton attire that simply defines the start of the summer season. These are simple yet attractive casual clothing that delivers high level of comfort. Adding to the list, short skirts and a long piece in white or pastel shades is something that adds to the cheerfulness of the spring season.

Source by Jennie Kakkad

An Introduction To Dress Up And Fashion Games

 Dress  up” or also known as “ Fashion ” games have become popular among girls around the world and across different cultures. They have become a substitute for playing traditional dolls especially among young female audiences and the reminiscence for the older.

These  dress  up games probably originated from paper dolls that existed since the invention of paper. The earliest traceable emergence of paper dolls were from Japan dating back to A.D. 900 the least. However, they weren’t used as toys but rather for rituals. These paper dolls were crafted to be 3-dimensional and are not flat like the paper dolls many of us know today. In modem times, paper dolls have sprung up from magazines to comics and often a welcome addition for readers. Barbie may have attributed for the decline in popularity of paper dolls with their chain of merchandise. Ironically, their dolls that people recognize today derive from paper dolls themselves.

In the middle to late nineties, several websites began creating these games which are often browser-based in which a player can drag and drop different clothes onto a digital image of a doll. Since then, more robust variances have been created with improved user interfaces and multi-media features to employ the computing power of today’s personal computers. The games usually require no installation and can be enjoyed using the “Flash” platform by Macromedia.

Majority of the game creators reside in Asian countries and are often inspired by “cartoony” big-eyed characters found in Japanese anime; which have shown to appeal to vast audiences worldwide. Others strive for a more realistic feel where their creation reflects on today’s  fashion  which is a great reference source for  fashion   designers  and followers. The concept of paper dolls have not died down but rather being a transit to another media and apparently is making a come-back.

Source by Vince Telon

Made in China – Designer Handbag Fashion Totally Misunderstood

Wow! What’s all this garble about “everything” made in China being counterfeit or fake? Do people understand the design and manufacturing process? Or, are they just determined to squabble about one of the manufacturing industry’s greatest resources?

True, there’s been a lot of media about children’s toys being manufactured poorly. Shame on China for the mess they’ve created. They’ll fix the problem, or they’ll lose business. We all learn from our mistakes, right? Or, at least the smart folks learn. And, let’s face it, China is no dummy!

China has been manufacturing most of the clothing, shoes, handbags, and accessories stocked in all the major department stores throughout the world for many, many years. And, this is not going to fade or go away. China offers low-cost labor for low-end to high-end designer handbags, clothing and just about anything around the house.

Most people don’t understand the truth about the Made in China label. China has been producing most of the Designer Merchandise sold in the USA for very long time. Why? Because the price to manufacture in China keeps prices as low as possible for consumers. People complain about the high price tags on designer handbags, clothing, shoes, and accessories. If the same item made in China was made in the USA or Europe the prices would be doubled or tripled.

If the Hermes Birkin bag was assembled by hand in China instead of France, the price would not be $7,000.00 each. If Italian leather was sent to China for the assembly of Prada handbags, the prices would not be $3,000.00 each. Please put things into perspective.

Burberry’s new management decided to use China for some of its assembled manufacturing needs and people went crazy. The thought of using a designer handbag made in China is misunderstood, misinterpreted, and misguided. The product made in China consists of the same quality of fabric as if it were made in the USA, France, England or Italy. The only difference is the designer item was assembled in China, or any other country offering a cheaper assembly manufacturing process.

Most of the high-end Designers buy fabrics, leathers, and materials from the USA or Europe, pay a premium price for the high-quality fabrication, and then negotiate manufacturing in China. The materials and specifications are sent to China and made. Representatives from each of the Design Houses travel to China or other manufacturing countries to supervise the process. The finished products are shipped to the USA and other parts of the world for sale. It’s a process kept sweet and as simple as possible. It creates jobs and produces a global economy.

Most consumers don’t know the designer manufacturing process or understand the details. They see a Made in China label and assume it’s a counterfeit item or fake. In reality, it’s not. It’s a moderately priced item made in a country which has been stereo-typed. And, we can’t blame the consumer because most of the junk, counterfeit and fake merchandise bearing the trademarks of others are made in China. Hopefully, the USA Customs Department working closely with the fashion industry will help end importing counterfeit goods.

There are many countries available the fashion designers use to outsource labor. The high-end leather designer handbags with high-ticket price tags are made in the USA, Italy, London and France. The lower cost designer products are made elsewhere. Most designers offer collections every season which provide both high-end and lower priced products. For example, Ralph Lauren has five price and fabrication determined collections: RL Classics, Collection, Black Label, Blue Label and Lauren. Plus, many of the designers produce a separate collection for outlet stores and discount stores like Marshalls, TJ Max, Target, Walmart, etc.

Some of the countries are more commonly used than others, and nonetheless they are countries with capabilities and low-cost labor. Some of these countries include, and are not limited to China, Turkey, Mexico, Romania, India and Portugal.

Fashion designers who make designer handbags, designer wallets, designer scarves, designer clothing, hats, shoes, etc. use these countries because they can sell their products at affordable prices. Some of the fashion designers include, and are not limited to Coach, Burberry, Liz Claiborne, Robert Rodriquez, Max Studio, Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren, Marc Jacobs, Michael Kors, Kate Spade, Dooney & Bourke, Juicy Couture, Donna Karan, Anne Klein, Brighton, and many, many others.

Just because an item is Made in China, it does not constitute fake or counterfeit. Let’s get this straight and communicated clearly. The reason the item was made in China is because at that point in time, the designer’s manufacturing team decided it was the best business decision to make for a cost-effective distribution of its product and collection.

The next time you see a Made in China label on a designer handbag or accessory, and you purchased it from a reputable source, thank your lucky stars for the bargain price you paid. If you have any doubt, take the item to the designer’s boutique for authentication and peace of mind. Don’t assume just because it’s Made in China it’s a fake. You know what assuming does, right?

Source by Anna Miller