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Paul’s Boutique – Kings of Custom Fashion

Paul’s Boutique is fast becoming a one stop shop for everything customised, and as we all know the beauty of customisation is that you get a one off piece that is carefully designed that will guarantee that you stand out from the crowd.

There are many amazing hoodies, coats, gilets, and accessories including handbags, purses and jewellery and now even a gorgeous fragrance that takes you from day to night to complete the package! Hard to imagine their small beginnings in Portobello Market with Paul Slade, the Paul’s Boutique creator and driving force behind such iconic fashion statements within the past decade.

Paul can still be found appearing in stores such as Bank Fashion personally customising items of clothing and bags for the army of fans of his label. Some of the latest one off designs that Paul’s Boutique prides itself on are using prints such as Zebra, Moc Croc, Leopard, mixed with Faux Fur to give them an edge.

If you’ve been following your favourite designers prior to this season you’ll be well aware that faux fur is a key trend to look out for, and Paul’s Boutique has covered every angle. Bank Fashion is the perfect place to start your love affair with all things PB! With over 64 items to browse through, no matter what your look is; Fun loving, Smart but quirky, Simple but daring, Loveable but dangerous.

You can customise your look to suit your mood. We can’t forget to mention the diamantes! Paul’s Boutique and those sparkly stones go hand in hand. There’s even a new bag specially designed to celebrate this, it’s called the Diamante Molly. With well over a 1000 individually set clear diamantes that sparkle, on a background of black, pink, or blue.

Each with and individually custom made bag charm. The Molly is also available on Bank Fashion in leopard print with an amazing colourful overload of designer badges, lightning bolts, hearts & lots of PB initials.

Source by Rachel Debono

The Top Three Girl Games Of Modern Times

Girl games is a newly discovered market for web experts and it gaining more popularity each day for the last couple of years, and young girls are in rave about them. The major cause of this rave is because the world of computer games has always revolved around boy games such as shooting, and what not, it has a lot of violence and even sex related themes.

And because this computer gaming has never really been able to attract large amount of girl audience. Girl are meant for Barbie dolls and toy make up kits, but today all these has changed and all because of the advancement of technology.

Typically when you go online and look for games, what you will see are racing, sport related, and shooting games, which targets the boy's market. And you may notice that girl games are mainly focused on creativity and calm games that do not pose any violence or rage for that matter.

This is because girls typically enjoy games of such theme and so popularity amongst girls games has truly soared up for more than one hundred percent in the last two years which only proves that girls do not have interest for computer except that there were very few games available for them before.

Three Typical Game Genres for Young Girls and Pre-teens

1. Cooking Games

Cooking is the most popular girl game ever. This is just reasonable since every once in a girl's life were they enticed with the idea of ​​cooking meals and serving food family like their all-to-good-mother.

In cooking games children are introduced to different recipes. It allows them to be more familiar with exotic food, and new recipes. They are given a wide variety of food categories which enhances their mind's creativity. They can become the chef on one of the most famous restaurants in Italy, or be a full time mom and serve food to her children. Cooking games allows them to practice the basic skill in cooking. Some games also require your child to serve the food which then enhances your child's organizational skill.

2. Kissing Games

Kissing games allows you to spread peace and love around the web. Kissing games typically revolve around kissing cute boys avatar. It allows your child to experience crushes and what approach to do best when boys try to kiss them, giving them the fun factor that otherwise you would not approve of if done literally. Virtually is more like the point and kissing games that allow them to feel the excitement and fun of your first kiss.

3. Dress up Games

Dress up games typically promotions fashion design, dress up, as well as make-up themed virtual games. This game entices many girls who have passion for trendy clothing and couture designing. Others simply love acting like real adults by doing make-ups, matching colors and applying then properly on their models. Seeing their mother and older sister look better when they put on their make up contracts these little ones towards proper application of make up.

Source by Sagbee C

PR 2.0 – Social Media & Social Networking

The technological world is ever changing, and businesses need to keep up to avoid being left in the dust. There are a few ways that social media and social networking sites can benefit a company, business, or brand. Namely, PR 2.0 can help a company become more integrated with tech savvy individuals and can also increase brand/company awareness, online and off. Due to the connection of internet and other forms of media, having an online presence can greatly increase the likelihood that it will transcend into another form of media.

There are a few sites that can help a firm trying to break into the PR 2.0 world. For example, LinkedIn, Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter are all popular and widely used networking sites. More and more people are joining these sites; they are no longer simply for teenagers or college students. More companies and people from older generations are now joining, creating a very large social network, connecting millions of individuals. What a great way to reach audiences, worldwide!

With so many individuals on these sites, it is almost expected that a brand or company be on them as well. It is a simple and easy way to increase your brand’s reach. It can also help a company with a large following of loyal customers to potentially grow that loyal customer base more. Loyal customers, ‘fans’ if you will, are apt to talk about your brand.

With the ability for anyone to Tweet, blog, and comment, major shifts of power are occurring. Consumers are being given more of a voice since opinions and thoughts can be shared more readily and to a wider range of readers. Equipped with tools such as Tweetdeck, consumers can Tweet and share with millions of people, including some of their friends, what brands they love and why. However, bad news is prone to travel much faster than good news. Which is why having an online presence is necessary for companies of today. You ought to be available to talk about a rumor, comment, or statement about your company.

Use these sites to keep customers and prospective customers up-to-date with your product, ventures, and overall company going-ons. This sort of participation makes a company more, ‘real’, or personable. Be honest and up-front with what your intentions are. Or, don’t do what Wal-Mart did with their astroturf “blog”.

The reason attempts like astroturfing don’t work can maybe be attributed to that fact that it assumes that consumers are completely ignorant. Once the astroturfing efforts are discovered, as they usually are, customers can tell when you were calling them stupid and assuming they wouldn’t notice. Admittedly, consumers are a little naive when it comes to some things, but perhaps it is a lack of interest or concern, and therefore we are ignorant for another reason. For instance, many consumers didn’t care about where our goods came from, unless of course it was imported fashion from Italy, or imported wine from France. But, when something happens to infringe upon our homeland or seemingly impede on our “freedom”, we seem to magically have pride for the products made in the good old US of A. Similar to newfound pride in American goods, customers won’t appreciate your astroturfing, and will most likely find pride in other goods. Though some consumers will take things at face value, it’s really not worth taking that chance.

On another note, using these social networking sites can help your causes. There are a lot of ways to get users involved, such as contests, fundraisers, and other events that can occur online or off. These tools are the face of the future, as well as the present. Just remember, your online representation is what more people will ever see or know. Enter at your own risk.

Source by Ashley Wirthlin

Cricket Uniforms: Comfortable To Wear & Best In Design

The game of cricket has made millions of people crazy. This is a widely played game. You can easily find the fans, lovers and players for this game. In several countries, the fans follow this game as a religion. There is excitement, adventure and thrill associated with this game. The battle between ball and bat offers a pleasing experience to the spectators.

Apart from ball and bat, another very important part of this game is cricket uniforms. This game follows the rule of the uniform dress code. So, it is mandatory to play the game while dressing up in the uniforms. With the evolution of the new trends in the fashion industry, the designing of these has also changed. Now, these are available in attractive designs and shades.

Gone of the days, when players used to wear the traditional designs. In the past very simple designs were used. But for now, the things have changed to a greater level. The players of this age are basically the style icon for their followers. They are endorsing fashion products. People are adapting their fashion trends.

With such a change in the industry, the designers are offering cricket uniforms in impeccable shades and designs. Their main focus is to provide awesome looks to the players. There is a firm belief that stylish looks contribute significantly towards the confidence level. This helps the players to give better performance on the field.

The designers of modern age use computer tools. It helps in providing flexibility to the designers to do experiments with the colors. Nowadays, the colors have become a potent tool to create and manifest amazing motifs on the fabric. The computer technology helps in providing a fantastic range of designs, which eventually results in attractive uniforms.

For test cricket, the plain white uniforms are widely used. This is basically the standard, which is prescribed by the official authority. For one day and T-20 format, the colored cricket uniforms are prescribed. These are now available in the plethora of designs and specifications. It has become a fashion to wear attractive uniforms during the game. The designers are striving hard to cater to their requirements.

The cricket uniforms manufacturers are also offering their collections in customized designs. These are tailored collection in which the special attributes are provided. Some of the most notable attributes are team name, team logo, player name and number. These attributes help in the branding of the team. With the help of the customized designs, the teams get unique identity.

There are several cricket uniforms manufacturers, leading brands and retailers available in the market. They are offering their products in a comprehensive range of designs and specifications. You can easily get these from them.

Source by Anjelina Sharma

Internet Marketing Jobs From Home

If you are really interested in having one of the numerous internet marketing jobs from home, I have some wonderful news for you. You can actually create your own job, so that you will not have to work for someone else. Just think about this new found freedom that you will acquire that will allow you to set your own schedule. I'll outline a simple technique that you can use to start learning online by internet marketing.

Try a few of the systems that have been set up by others online that seem to work for them personally. You have to give each system time to work. What am I getting at exactly? You may have to try a system for a few months before you can decide that that is working for you. Most systems will not work overnight, you can not expect just to set up a couple of sites are then to sit back and just simply watch the money roll in. It does not work that way.

Once you have found technique that is earning you even a small amount of money, you just have to expand it into a full-fledged approach.

For instance, if you have set up a few mini sites that are each are about about $ 10 a month. Formulate a list of the steps needed to set up other similar mini sites very quickly.

Over a period of one year, if you're able to set up one site per day using your step by step plan, you could probably have an internet marketing business for yourself that is approaching you close to $ 4000 per month.

Source by Josh Argent

Marketing Research Using Social Platforms

When the word social platforms are mentioned, what comes to mind are the social media sites which allows people to share their experiences, thoughts and emotions to their friends, acquaintances, co-workers or to the public in general. The most popular ones to mention would be Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, and much much more. The popularity of these sites were due to the power it gave users to connect to the world and more importantly to connect to everyone on an emotional level.

Emotions are the driving force into a majority of the choices that people make. it also drives them to do more or move away from something. People are naturally built to share these emotions, as it is a primal need to connect with people and this is where one gets to do so in a deeper level. Everything that people share and talk about whether it be an opinion about a particular news topic or trend to the latest gadgets to buy. A good example of where to see people getting emotionally involved with their products is in smartphone reviews. Take a look at the latest Smartphone reviews that talk about HTC One X and Samsung Galaxy S3. You are more certainly going to find people strongly defending their chosen purchase over the other, some even working hard to debunk the competitor’s responses to a point of heated discussion. It is through emotional connection and identification with these choices, thoughts, and opinions that drive and influence consumer behavior.

In modern times, the social platforms create an arena for people to instantaneously share their feelings to everyone with a click of a button. One can “Like” something the second a product is released to the general public. Market researchers have to take note of not just the responses that these people make but the emotional implications that their responses contain through the practice of Sentiment analysis. This would be a rather tricky task as interpretation and the data itself can be quite subjective in nature. Creating the quantifiable data from these social platforms however is a need that has to be answered and a solution has to be developed quickly. Once a market researcher is able to utilize the empirical data that can be deduced from those that use these social platforms most especially quantify the emotional impact these people have towards a particular product, thought, opinion, etc, one would no doubt have a double edge sword that can be wielded to make something stand out or destroy an upcoming rival before it can take root.

Computers have been used for this in the past, now even smartphones can perform automated sentiment analysis of digitized text. It can even be further improved to show based on latent semantics analysis to identify a person’s affective mental state towards a particular product or target. Open source tools are now being developed to help market researchers analyze all the statistical data and process them into quantifiable sentiment data information that is easily interpreted and utilized.

Data will never add up if you just look at the numbers, especially in consumer behavioral analysis. if you can’t understand and quantify the emotions involved in the decisions and reactions of consumers then you won’t be able to stir them to towards the thoughts, ideologies, products, and people you wish for them to be drawn towards. Understanding what makes people drawn to something is most definitely one of the most powerful marketing tool any market researcher could and should have in his arsenal. Believe it or not it is a marketing war out there and if you can’t get this done now, someone else will.

Source by Ron Jacobsen

Are Plus Size Casual Dresses As Big A Hit As They Say?

Trends have always been something people religiously follow. In the past for BBW (big and beautiful women), this was not really an option. For the longest time, we’ve seen full figured women walk around in malls and stores wearing baggy outfits. And one can understand why that is. When shopping for dresses there are a LOT of cute and beautiful ones, however the selection of plus size casual dresses was, well less than adequate.

Thank goodness some DID notice and did something about it. With today’s trendy collections, there are plus size casual dresses found in many retail stores. There are even some stores that cater exclusively for the BBW, supplying wonderful and beautifully made plus size casual dresses.

Today, BBW who like dressing up get to do just that. And they look great. With plus size casual dresses, full figured women can finally look cute and stylish. Trends and fashion have always been here, but for BBW that wasn’t always the case. So now that there are plus size casual dresses, it’s a great thing for full figured women to be excited about.

Plus size dresses give these lovely and curvy BBW the option to dress up and look cute every once in a while. The availability of plus size dresses also encourages these BBW to WANT to look good, which is another great thing about them.

Some BBW grew up believing that they will never look sexy or cute in any clothes and that’s a sad truth. But with plus size dresses they can be. And that’s great for full figured women everywhere to know and realize. And even though clothes don’t make the person, they sure do help.

Plus size casual dresses allow any curvy woman to love her body and her curves. And with the many different kinds of cute and sexy plus size casual dresses out there, it’s no wonder more and more amazing BBW are coming out and dressing in style!

Whether it’s a simple dinner party with family and close friends or a night out in the town, plus size casual dresses will rise to the occasion. They are beautiful enough to wear to an event and yet its cut and style is simple enough to be worn out on a date.

The best thing about plus size casual dresses are that it lets BBW be who they are, allowing beautifully full figured women to express their sense of style and taste through their clothes. It’s a great way to express themselves creatively and artistically through their choice of outfits and different looks.

And with all the beautiful and cute plus size dresses available, it also gives these stylish and curvy women the freedom to mix and match, which is another fun thing that girls love to do.

But the best part of all is that all these plus size casual dresses are here and they’re here to stay. So all the amazing BBW out there can say goodbye to their sweatpants and baggy t-shirts and say hello to amazing outfits, cute accessories, and all that attention. Remember my plus size friends…fashion is not only for the skinny. It’s time to show the world that beauty is not just a size 2.

Source by Patricia Kenny

Is Online Dating Safe For Women? How to Meet the Man of Your Dreams At Any Age (Even Yours!)

Online dating services are seeing an increase of women joining their sites. Many women are alone after spending years raising a family or in a longtime marriage and they are going online to seek potential dates. You may have recently joined a site, or are thinking about joining, and worry if it is safe. The good news is you can stay safe and secure by joining good sites and following some rules.

First, research the site and only join reputable online dating services. Some experts suggest you look for sites that have been in the business for at least 3 to 4 years. This gives the dating site enough time to work through the kinks and establish polices that work for their clients.

You want to join an online dating site that offers excellent security and privacy. Sites should use secure password protection and only allow members into the site. Your email should be kept private, and interested dates should respond to your site mailbox or profile page. Your personal contact information should always be protected and never given out by the dating site.

Since most online dating services charge some type of membership fee you’ll want to be sure that your financial information, such as credit card numbers, is strictly guarded. Always look for the security notice on any kind of e-commerce site before using your credit card or bank account.

One of the biggest threats in the online dating world is dealing with scammers or other responders who you have no interest in meeting. Many online daters report being contacted by scam artists, including that ever present fictitious prince who needs money sent right away! Many criminals also try to use online dating services and often are juggling several different women, getting all to send them money.

There are several steps an online dating service can take to help you avoid these threats. First, many good sites have a screening process that keeps scammers and criminals out of the database. Second, if a scammer gets through, clients can report abuse to the site managers who can then block the person.

You will also want a site that lets you block individuals who you do not want to connect with. Unfortunately there are people who can’t take a polite “No” for an answer. If you find yourself in a situation where someone keeps contacting you after you’ve turned down their request, your site should allow you to block any person that you do not wish to communicate with. This is an important function and should be available at any dating site you join.

Finally, it is important to always use good judgment when online dating. Take time to get to know the other person before giving out personal information or agreeing to meet. If you plan to meet, make the first date in a public place and use your own transportation. A quick meet up for coffee or tea is often a perfect first public date.

Women can stay safe and secure in the online dating world by choosing the best online dating sites and using good common sense and judgment.

Source by Vivian Booth

Clutching at Style: The Art of the Clasp

When we look at handbags, and in particular evening purses and clutches, we see them as complete objects that either appeal to our senses or not. We are first allured by the shape and colour of a bag, the texture of the material and the ‘feel’ of it in our hands or on our shoulder (Is the leather soft and supple? Does it feel sturdy? Does it look elegant?).

But the real beauty of a handbag also lies in the small detail. So in an effort to focus on the detail, this article is dedicated to the sometimes forgotten part of the handbag: the clasp. Why, you may ask, would I be interested in knowing about this piece of hardware that really only serves a functional purpose. Well one important reason is that the clasp, also known a handbag’s ‘hardware’, can tell you if the bag is high quality or not. Sometimes the only way to distinguish an authentic designer handbag from a replica is by looking at the quality of the clasp. Also, many designers will embellish the clasp as a way to showcase intricate craftsmanship – an aspect that’s in high demand.

Here is a list of 8 facts that demonstrate the importance designers place on the clasp:

1. The clasp was introduced on ladies purses in the late 19th century, when the design of a purse was meant to look like miniature luggage — fitted with locks and keys

2. The 1920s saw another innovation with regard to clasps. As women were becoming more expressive with fashion, and as new forms of dance were becoming popular, women needed smaller and more compact purses; therefore, a new clasp was designed that could secure these sturdier handbags, replacing flimsy drawstrings

3. Clasp designs follow the ebbs and flows of history: The discovery of King Tut’s tomb in the 1920s saw major designers like Cartier make clasps with Egyptian motifs; during 1940s wartime clasps were more modest; the post-war era was dominated by wildly shaped clasps and the urge to return to feminine ornament

4. The famous Hermes Kelly handbag is identifiable by its distinctive metal-tipped clasp (and a hidden key that dangles from the handle)

5. One of the most expensive Chanel bags showcases a clasp with 334 diamonds. Only 13 were produced, each costing $261,000

6. Since we’re on the topic of expensive handbags, the most pricey handbag ever created at $1.9 million by Japanese jewellery house Ginza Tanaka, includes a detachable diamond clasp that can be worn as a broach

7. High end designers, such as Chanel, Fendi and Valentino, embellish their handbag clasps with motifs based on beasts of prey — symbolizing strength and power.

**The title of this article is taken from a heading found in Handbags: The Power of the Purse (2002) by Anna Johnson. Workman Publishing: New York, pp.326.

Source by Rukhsana Malik

Evaluating the Value of Internet Entrepreneur Training Courses

The rise of the Internet means that it has never been easier to go into business. From freelance writing to running an online retail outlet, the Internet allows anyone interested in beginning a business venture to set up shop, outsource low level tasks, create a brand, and connect with customers around the around the world. Of course, even in the electronic age, it can be intimidating to launch even the smallest company. Finding solid Internet entrepreneur training can be the key to becoming a saavy, successful small business owner. Sadly, many online business training courses cannot deliver on their promises. Asking a few simple questions can help entrepreneurs critically evaluate a course’s value.

When investigating the value of an Internet entrepreneur training course, students should be able to verify the author’s credentials. When possible, students should verify the author’s claims and reputation through sources independent from the course website. Students should look for independent reviews and news coverage of the author’s achievements. These items provide outside verification that an Internet entrepreneur training course is backed by the expertise the author claims. Students should also look closely at the quality of sample content. Does it provide value? One of the hallmarks of even the most openly commercial quality training courses is that they offer real value even in their free materials. If a course’s sample portions are nothing but fluff, it generally means that there is no substance to the larger product. If a student can verify the author’s expertise and evaluate enough sample content, she can usually purchase the course with confidence.

Source by Jordan Flask