Hot Celeb Party Styles On A Budget

You don’t have to spend hours flipping through magazines to see what celebrities are wearing to their latest galas, unless you want to see what every single one is choosing. Even if such celeb surfing is your favorite sport, you can save a lot of time by figuring out which fashion touches you can actually imitate. That is, you need a core range of choices that will have you looking like a star at a price that does not negate meeting your mortgage this month.

Here are four fashion choices that lots of celebs make to dazzle the crowd outside the club or inside their cast party for their latest movie:

1) White tuxedo jacket

This jacket goes with lots of items and makes all of them look classier and sexier. You can wear a white tux jacket with jeans or a skirt, depending on how formal your function is. The best news is that they can be had for a song. You don’t even have to go four digits to get a white tux jacket; in fact, you can get some models for less than $50.

2) A bright skirt

When you buy a bright skirt, you find a piece that draws everyone’s eyes, as well as an item that can multiply your choices for up top. You can go wild up there or more low-key, to offset your skirt’s vivid appeal. A plain white top looks much better when paired with a bright blue skirt, for instance. Be sure to pick a color that you like and a color that you look good in. Hot pink is a current fave and you can find many super-bright colors for under $50. The impact will be exponentially greater than that small amount paid out.

3) A sparkly top

Do you love to wear pants? A sparkly top gives that look all sorts of pizzazz. Check out how many celebs pair pants with a sparkly top. They know that they need something to amaze the paparazzi. A sparkly top will elevate all other elements of your outfit, and you can have one for under $50.

4) A one-shoulder dress

Oh boy, do these send the masses in a frenzy?! One-shoulder dresses can work no matter what body type you have. Bare shoulders tend to make men melt, and one-shoulder dresses can work in ways that strapless ones don’t. If you do choose a one-shoulder number, be sure to match it with big earrings and/or a fashionable purse. You can go solid color, sparkles or lace, among other choices, all for under $100. And, you can join in the vintage craze, too. Many vintage stores and sites will have one-shoulder dresses in their inventories.

If you did the math, you can see that all four of these celeb party favorites can be yours for around $200. That’s not much of an outlay for a purchase that could transform your entire wardrobe and have you looking more like your favorite celebrity and less like your 9-to-5 persona.

Keep your eyes open for these four options the next time you are out browsing. If a bright skirt catches your eye and you look fantastic in that color, grab it. If you happen upon a white tuxedo jacket that is sturdy and affordable, snatch it. If you see a sparkly top while flipping through the discounted rack, pull it off and try it on. If you see a one-shoulder dress at a reasonable price, don’t immediately conclude that you won’t look good in it. Try it on, give it a whirl and surprise yourself with how sexy you look and feel.

You don’t have to earn a 7-figure income to look like a celebrity. These four pieces (all favored by celebrities) will make you look like the proverbial million bucks as well.

Source by Jayna Davis

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