Leather Dress Gloves

Leather dress gloves used to be common. How times have changed. Now gloves are worn mostly for protection from the cold or abrasions. There are never rules against good taste and fashion though. Leather dress gloves can still be a great part of your outfit. They can send the message that you are classy and that dressing well never goes out of style.

In fact, those in the know have noticed that wearing fashion gloves of all kinds is making a huge come back. And leather dress gloves in particular are once again extremely popular.

Of course they are seasonal. You won’t find the fashion minded woman wearing these gloves with her Spring or Summer dresses. But leather gloves are a great accessory to add to your autumn or winter wardrobe. Just watch the fashion shows to see how popular they have become and how good they look with any kind of classy autumn fashion.

What is the difference between these gloves and utility or driving gloves? Generally dress gloves will be made from the finest of leather. They will feel silky and have no blemishes. The current style is that seams should not exist or be minimal and very finely sewn. They are also often very comfortable as compared to just a regular set of driving gloves.

Don’t make the mistake of following the old fashion. The old rules said that you matched your leather dress gloves to your coat. Contrasting colors are now very popular and leather dress gloves are worn with dresses, suits, and even jeans or khakis.

Popular brands include Gucci and Channel, but everyone is getting in on the act with the new popularity. You can find less expensive brands among the Calvin Klein’s and even department store brands. Generally no label is present, so buy based on the look and the feel. The finer gloves are obvious in their texture and feel.

Very few brands are made from cows leather. Young lamb leather is popular. So is the more exotic alligator, ostrich, emu and even eel skin leather. Of course the more exotic the animal used, the more costly the gloves. But try some on and at least experience the luxury of alligator or eel skin leather on your skin.

This is another quality of fine dress gloves. They usually won’t be lined. That means they are much less bulky and also leave you a lot more dexterity. The look of an unlined dress glove is much nicer. But most importantly, you get to experience the direct feel of a luxury leather against your skin. You deserve that. Splurge.

But splurging still doesn’t break the bank in most cases. You can get a great pair of lambskin dress gloves made by Calvin Klein for under $100. Of course, you can also spend $1,500 or more on a classy pair of Gucci eel skin gloves. If you can’t afford $1,500, at least try them on. They are heavenly!

Remember that these gloves are NOT for weather protection. The fine texture and coloration will usually be completely ruined if they ever get even a single rain drop on them. Wear them to make a fashion statement, not to keep your hands dry!

If money is no object, remember that leather dress gloves are now commonly made to order from your personal measurements. Since there is no lining, you really can’t believe how great a custom made glove can feel when it is perfectly fitted to your fingers.

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