Showing Boxers Can Impede Criminals Eluding Police

I, like most respectable rational people just do not get it. The “it” I am referring to is the fashion trend that leads certain people to allow their jeans and/or shorts to fall half way down their rear end.

Perhaps I am just not in touch anymore. Perhaps I am just being “old”. After all I used to wear cut off and mesh shirts during the summers when I was a young teen. Thank goodness I never wore spandex bike shorts.

Something tells me though that this trend is a little different. When I see a young man dressed like this I feel that more than likely he is not going to be a contributor to the good of society. The lower his drawers go, the more I am apt to want to steer clear of this individual.

Followers of this trend tend to be thought of as miscreants, hooligans or ne’er do wells by respectable society.

I do not know why I just do not get to the point. If your pants are half way down your butt you look like an idiot.

No prospective employer in his right mind would hire you if you came in for an interview dressed like that. Just thinking about the expression on his or her face makes me laugh.

So if you must must supplement your amateur skateboarding endeavors by burglarizing homes I would like to give you a piece of advice. You can not run from the cops if your pants are around your ankles.

While watching one of the national news channels yesterday I happened to witness a car chase in California. The gentleman driving the car was a suspected burglary suspect.

He was sporting this particular fashion trend. In addition to being chased by a neighborhood dog it appeared that at some point he had to stop to adjust his belt. Apparently this was unsuccessful and you witnessed him holding on to his pants while he was running to keep them from falling down.

It was quite comical and quite fitting.

Here is a question for you. Why wear a belt in the first place if you are going to let your pants fall half a foot below your waist line?

The moral of the story is if you are going to commit a criminal act you might want to dress accordingly.

Source by Dan Bimrose

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