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Is Online Dating Safe For Women? How to Meet the Man of Your Dreams At Any Age (Even Yours!)

Online dating services are seeing an increase of women joining their sites. Many women are alone after spending years raising a family or in a longtime marriage and they are going online to seek potential dates. You may have recently joined a site, or are thinking about joining, and worry if it is safe. The good news is you can stay safe and secure by joining good sites and following some rules.

First, research the site and only join reputable online dating services. Some experts suggest you look for sites that have been in the business for at least 3 to 4 years. This gives the dating site enough time to work through the kinks and establish polices that work for their clients.

You want to join an online dating site that offers excellent security and privacy. Sites should use secure password protection and only allow members into the site. Your email should be kept private, and interested dates should respond to your site mailbox or profile page. Your personal contact information should always be protected and never given out by the dating site.

Since most online dating services charge some type of membership fee you’ll want to be sure that your financial information, such as credit card numbers, is strictly guarded. Always look for the security notice on any kind of e-commerce site before using your credit card or bank account.

One of the biggest threats in the online dating world is dealing with scammers or other responders who you have no interest in meeting. Many online daters report being contacted by scam artists, including that ever present fictitious prince who needs money sent right away! Many criminals also try to use online dating services and often are juggling several different women, getting all to send them money.

There are several steps an online dating service can take to help you avoid these threats. First, many good sites have a screening process that keeps scammers and criminals out of the database. Second, if a scammer gets through, clients can report abuse to the site managers who can then block the person.

You will also want a site that lets you block individuals who you do not want to connect with. Unfortunately there are people who can’t take a polite “No” for an answer. If you find yourself in a situation where someone keeps contacting you after you’ve turned down their request, your site should allow you to block any person that you do not wish to communicate with. This is an important function and should be available at any dating site you join.

Finally, it is important to always use good judgment when online dating. Take time to get to know the other person before giving out personal information or agreeing to meet. If you plan to meet, make the first date in a public place and use your own transportation. A quick meet up for coffee or tea is often a perfect first public date.

Women can stay safe and secure in the online dating world by choosing the best online dating sites and using good common sense and judgment.

Source by Vivian Booth

Clutching at Style: The Art of the Clasp

When we look at handbags, and in particular evening purses and clutches, we see them as complete objects that either appeal to our senses or not. We are first allured by the shape and colour of a bag, the texture of the material and the ‘feel’ of it in our hands or on our shoulder (Is the leather soft and supple? Does it feel sturdy? Does it look elegant?).

But the real beauty of a handbag also lies in the small detail. So in an effort to focus on the detail, this article is dedicated to the sometimes forgotten part of the handbag: the clasp. Why, you may ask, would I be interested in knowing about this piece of hardware that really only serves a functional purpose. Well one important reason is that the clasp, also known a handbag’s ‘hardware’, can tell you if the bag is high quality or not. Sometimes the only way to distinguish an authentic designer handbag from a replica is by looking at the quality of the clasp. Also, many designers will embellish the clasp as a way to showcase intricate craftsmanship – an aspect that’s in high demand.

Here is a list of 8 facts that demonstrate the importance designers place on the clasp:

1. The clasp was introduced on ladies purses in the late 19th century, when the design of a purse was meant to look like miniature luggage — fitted with locks and keys

2. The 1920s saw another innovation with regard to clasps. As women were becoming more expressive with fashion, and as new forms of dance were becoming popular, women needed smaller and more compact purses; therefore, a new clasp was designed that could secure these sturdier handbags, replacing flimsy drawstrings

3. Clasp designs follow the ebbs and flows of history: The discovery of King Tut’s tomb in the 1920s saw major designers like Cartier make clasps with Egyptian motifs; during 1940s wartime clasps were more modest; the post-war era was dominated by wildly shaped clasps and the urge to return to feminine ornament

4. The famous Hermes Kelly handbag is identifiable by its distinctive metal-tipped clasp (and a hidden key that dangles from the handle)

5. One of the most expensive Chanel bags showcases a clasp with 334 diamonds. Only 13 were produced, each costing $261,000

6. Since we’re on the topic of expensive handbags, the most pricey handbag ever created at $1.9 million by Japanese jewellery house Ginza Tanaka, includes a detachable diamond clasp that can be worn as a broach

7. High end designers, such as Chanel, Fendi and Valentino, embellish their handbag clasps with motifs based on beasts of prey — symbolizing strength and power.

**The title of this article is taken from a heading found in Handbags: The Power of the Purse (2002) by Anna Johnson. Workman Publishing: New York, pp.326.

Source by Rukhsana Malik

Evaluating the Value of Internet Entrepreneur Training Courses

The rise of the Internet means that it has never been easier to go into business. From freelance writing to running an online retail outlet, the Internet allows anyone interested in beginning a business venture to set up shop, outsource low level tasks, create a brand, and connect with customers around the around the world. Of course, even in the electronic age, it can be intimidating to launch even the smallest company. Finding solid Internet entrepreneur training can be the key to becoming a saavy, successful small business owner. Sadly, many online business training courses cannot deliver on their promises. Asking a few simple questions can help entrepreneurs critically evaluate a course’s value.

When investigating the value of an Internet entrepreneur training course, students should be able to verify the author’s credentials. When possible, students should verify the author’s claims and reputation through sources independent from the course website. Students should look for independent reviews and news coverage of the author’s achievements. These items provide outside verification that an Internet entrepreneur training course is backed by the expertise the author claims. Students should also look closely at the quality of sample content. Does it provide value? One of the hallmarks of even the most openly commercial quality training courses is that they offer real value even in their free materials. If a course’s sample portions are nothing but fluff, it generally means that there is no substance to the larger product. If a student can verify the author’s expertise and evaluate enough sample content, she can usually purchase the course with confidence.

Source by Jordan Flask

A Guide to Make Money Online Working From Home

It's simply simple to make money if you are prepared and quite committed enough to go the distance, however you do have loads of individuals that have convinced themselves that they'll never be able to operate a business based at home. Some have had the misfortune of being deceived out of their money by some websites, after being sold the promise to work from home. Part of their policy is that potential employees pay a deposit upfront, after which the information on how to make money on the internet is sent out.

My advice is that you should not hand your money to any of these websites, these individuals are scam artists and are prepared to rob you of your hard earned money. No reputable business that's offering the opportunity to work from home, will ask for money upfront, this is the normal practice in all other areas, and rings true for most businesses on the web. Do your research and quite possibly you will locate loads of sites that offer the possibility to Make Money on Internet. What you get paid is very much dependent on the type of work that you'll be doing, if all you're just doing is completing online surveys, then do not expect to make a lot of money. But even with these, they sometimes pay more than a 9-5 job.

As a matter of fact, many companies have been hit hard by the global financial meltdown and desire to cut their operating costs, this is done by getting rid of some of their permanent employees. This will come as a shock to many but did you know that plenty of professionals do not do more than 4 hours in the office? surprised uhh. However, they are rewarded handsomely and often get other benefits, this makes sensible spending by these companies. Companies can achieve substantial savings if they are able to get the work carried out by independent workers. When working at home for an organization as described above, you can expect to make a acceptable amount of money per hour for your hard work, the good news is that you're the boss, and have no need to concern yourself about set hours, you basically work when you want to what time you want.

The more time you spend working from home the more potential money you should make online, give it a try today and hopefully all your financial worries might disappear over time. A lot more people now have decided to work at home, they've realized how easy it is to Make Money Online. They've seen friends learning a good living from their online businesses, they are blown away by the fact that their friends have no inventory costs, the internet connection is the only cost incurred.

Source by Mark Hezekiah Bailey

Silverstone British Grand Prix Winners: Sebastian Vettel – A Winning Career And Personality?

German Formula 1 driver, Sebastian Vettel has won the British Grand Prix at Silverstone twice, in 2011 and 2009. As of early 2012, he has won the title of world champion twice.

Born on 3rd July 1987, Vettel will turn 25 just a few days before competing at Silverstone, in the 2012 Formula 1 Santander British Grand Prix. How will this young F1 legend fare against the British boys, Jenson Button, Lewis Hamilton and Paul di Resta on their home circuit?

He started “training” for his career aged three and a half in a miniature kart in the yard of his German home, Heppenheim, southwest Germany. His father Norbert was a keen kart racing enthusiast in his leisure time and a carpenter by trade. Norbert and his wife, Heike, and Sebastian’s siblings, Fabian, Melanie and Stephanie could see his talent and it was made a family focal point.

British Grand Prix 2009 and 2011 And World Champion 2010 and 2011

Vettel currently holds the title of World Champion and is driving for Red Bull Racing. He has set a variety of age related records, one of which is the fact that he was the world’s youngest champion in 2010. He also holds the record of most poles in one season.

In 2009 when Vettel first won at Silverstone he made the comment that: “It’s never easy it’s a long race – you have to stay focused and keep your eyes open all the time.”

Silverstone Grand PrixVow By Vettel Considered Bad Omen For His Rivals

Before the 2011 British Grand Prix at Silverstone, Vettel had warned his rivals that he expected to dominate as he had been doing during the season. One of the UK newspapers ran a headline which said that this was considered a bad omen for his rivals.

However let’s not forget that at that time Vettel could have retained this top championship position even if he had been absent from the next 3 races. This was a remarkable situation for him to be in yet he had the maturity not be become complacent about it.

The New Schumacher?

He has been constantly compared to his fellow German Schumacher because of his concentration, driving style and how he is behind the scenes with the engineers in his team. There are a number of similarities and even though Schumacher was one of his childhood heroes, he would prefer to be seen as the new Vettel. One interesting difference between the drivers is that Vettel actually names his car.

His 2012 car is named Abbey, and as Vettel is a huge Beatles fan one could be excused for thinking that it is after Abbey Road. However when asked was this or the Abbey corner at Silverstone the inspiration for this, he said: “Neither. It’s just a cool name.”

In the early stages of the 2012 season, Vettel lashed out at Narain Karthikeyan after a collision which caused him to be relegated to 11th position. He described Karthikeyan as an idiot and the Indian returned the compliment calling Vettel a cry baby. However mostly Vettel is known for this winning personality. He has an enthusiastic, youthful personality which sits comfortably with his cool, steel focus to win.

Source by Ewan M Lundgren

Use the Description Luxury Carefully

Beware of descriptions and your adjectives as poorly used descriptions and words, more than anything else, create problems with guests. The most over-used adjective in our owner’s arsenal of words is ‘luxury’.

Is luxury a TV – or is it a home-cinema system. Is luxury a wood burning BBQ – or a high end gas one? Is luxury the world’s best mattresses – or just the fact you supply one at all?

To me, and I think to most holidaymakers, the expression means a lot – but we have very different perceptions of it’s worth. If I was looking for ‘luxury’ accommodation I would want the appliances, but they must be quality brands; I won’t want just a TV — I’d expect a home theatre system; and I’d expect a high end stainless steel BBQ and quality outdoor furniture, as well. The mattresses must be top-range with bed linen to suit, and there should be at least one en-suite bathroom. Overall the property must be stylish with attention to detail showing in every aspect. For me, the word ‘luxury’ in a holiday home rental means I expect things to be at least as comparable as a boutique hotel.

The vacation rental industry has spawned a new breed of ‘luxury accommodation’ (which is good) and we must take heed of what the rental client is looking for when they type in these terms on a Google search. I remember when the term ’boutique hotel’ was introduced to differentiate between mass market hotels and smaller, more unique accommodation. Bedrooms became attractive and super-stylish and lobbies became places to sit and drink coffee in rather than just check-in. We’re moving in this direction with vacation rentals too, as more owners recognise they need to be different in order to become visible in a more competitive market.

If you must use words such as luxury, exceptional, superior or upmarket, you have to make it match the hype. A ‘superior’ kitchen will have the best knives and saucepans, a superior range of cooking (and best-brand) appliances; a ‘designer’ bathroom will look as though it has come from the pages of a glossy magazine and have the latest in trendy features. For an ‘executive’ home to be labeled as such, you’ll need separate office space and include for free hi-speed internet and all necessary equipment for working away from home.

Good impressions always comes down to the detail. A nice thought from a post I read on a forum is: ‘Spend money on things that people touch’ (door handles, taps, knives, saucepans, towels and so on).

Promise only what you can deliver. Then deliver more than you promise

Luxury should include stylish furniture, quality furnishings and appliances, top mattresses, exclusive brands such as Bose speakers, Egyptian cotton sheets, home theatre systems and an office. People who spend lots more money on their accommodation usually want to see that reflected in the quality of the furnishings

Think about any 10 things you could add to your rental property that most ordinary people only aspire to owning themselves – which of these will move your property into luxury?.

Source by Michael AK Cooper

Why Updating You Website Is Important

Websites are a complete representation of your business, project, promotion, or product. They are accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Out of all the promotional products and sales or promotion staffing available, websites are the one that works the hardest, and is the most directly controlled by the owner. With so many users able to access online websites from so many vantage points, such as handheld devices, providing up to date information ensures that they will bookmark your site, and come back, again and again, because it is providing a valuable service for them . Even if they do not decide to buy, participate, sell, or contact you, the information you are providing to them about yourself has to be as up to date as possible. Websites need to be updated and maintained regularly for a few reasons:

a) It shows that you are hands-on and directly involved in what you are representing on your site.

b) Current information and up-to-date knowledge gives your audience something to look for on your site, and reminds them of what you represent every time they look through it.

c) Awareness and adaptability go hand in hand. If you expect to be able to show what you are about in a constantly changing world, be prepared to be aware and adapt.

Your website includes every aspect of the face of your business or project. The needs of your clientele will be varied, and your website provides knowledge to help them make a discriminating decision about your product or service. As your clientele's needs change, so should the content of your site; it show you have a finger on the pulse of your industry and business. It demonstrates loyalty to the ever changing face of your clientele, and provides them a sure sense that you care about satisfying the constant demands you are meeting.

If you are involved in a project or promotion, daily updates give your public news about what is happening, and will changing news, people like to talk about what is new and upcoming; they are much more likely to share what they have seen if it is something that gives a new twist or look. A fresh perspective, even on facts and dates and times that have already been presented, gives your public's eyes and ears a mark they will not forget. Website are the most succinct and convenient method of public access to your information; why not capitalize on the power of word of mouth, which is the least expensive form of advertising? The reach or your message should never be underestimated. Once your site has caught someone's eye, you can be sure that they will be back to look at what is new!

A couple of tips:

DO present your clients or public with a "what's new" / "recent happenings" / "latest activity" section …. but ONLY if you are prepared to keep it !! How many times have you clicked on a site's supposed recent or new activity, only to find that the information is two years old, or month's old? Seeing information or dates that have already passed, strikes a chord in your potential participant that you do not check what is going on with your own business or promotion.

DO use dates and times to create a sense of urgency!

DO renew and update your copyright or licensing statement at the bottom of your page … it states credibility and substantiveity.

DO respond promptly to correspondence from your public. They got this far, use it!

Source by Laurel R. Lindsay

Custom Pins – Useful For All Groups

You can have custom pins made in any shape, size or color. You can even get a replica of your company logo. There are a number of professional reasons you could do this, whether it be for promotional purposes, part of a uniform or even a sponsorship for a non-profit event. As an individual, you may want to have a family pin made to hand out at the annual reunion. On the other hand, maybe your book club is celebrating its fifth year together and you would like a way to commemorate the occasion. Something else that has grown in popularity is to have a wedding pin made to hand out to each guest as memorabilia of your special day. There are many other reasons to utilize this unique service. People love tangible objects, no matter what the size or value. Simply put, people love stuff! No matter the event, what better to give than something customized that they can wear on their lapel, purse, hat, scarf or tie?

Custom pins are available is several varieties. One such variety is Cloisonne. Cloisonne is the technique of decorating metal. The hard enamel Cloisonne pin is a metal pin that is inlayed with enamel and then baked at a high temperature to cure the paint. It is then polished. When done in this fashion, the pin is smooth across the top.

Another variety is the soft enamel. Soft enamel custom pins also have enamel fill, but they are air dried as opposed to baked. The fill sits lower than the metal ridges that form the outlines of the pin. This style of pin is not completely smooth across the top. It has a somewhat raised outline. The soft enamel is a less expensive alternative to the hard enamel.

The die struck pin is typically seen in metal shades. It may be colored, but most often is not. These are the only type of pin that made be done three dimensionally.

The photo etched pin is an alternative to the enamel pin when you are in need of something with a lot of detail. This is a thinner option than the hard or soft enamel.

Finally, there is the photo dome pin. These custom pins are fitted with a replica of the picture you provide and the epoxy is smoothed over the top to a nice domed finish.

You can find companies online that offer this type of customized work. Some have pricing information available on their websites while others require you to submit information on their quote form. The information they will need typically includes your contact information, a description of the type of custom pins you are looking to order and a copy of your artwork. Once you submit this form, the company will process your quote request and contact you with an estimated price. Before agreeing to have any work done, be sure to thoroughly read the contacted terms. Inquire about not only production time, but also shipping time. You want to make sure that your order will get to you in time for the scheduled event.

Source by Neil Platz

Activities That Every Web User Has Performed at Least Once

World wide web is developing very fast. Several thousand social sites appear on a constant basis. Millions of people get acquainted with the web everyday. Generally in most of the situations, individuals are utilising the online market place to look for ideas, to interact or even to have fun. Only a quite limited number gets online so as to run a small business or make money. With that being said, permit me to share with you which in my outlook are those actions that every normal net end user has executed at least once.

Browse a news report

Ever since the starting point of the net, it was all related to accessing information quicker than anyone else. I think that nearly all folks which are wasting more hours on line than in real life had the chance to take a look at NYTimes.com or Guardian at least one time to read the latest news or discover what is taking place on the globe at just about any specific period.

Mail a particular person

The other major accomplishment of the web was electronic mail, shortly labeled email. In the present day, an uncountable range of email addresses are available and other billions show up every single hour. This is nothing more than people’s desire and necessity to communicate and share data with one another. While there are lots of different methods to do it, electronic mail might be more secure and gives the possibility to quickly check your behavior as well as organize your conversations. Could there be anyone browsing this article who did not work with an e-mail account at least one time ever since the appearance of internet? I actually question such a thing!

Do a search for something

The discovery of search motors, mainly Yahoo, transformed the method men and women started to gain access to information. Currently, almost 85 % of all people who search for something on the web type bing.com in their web browser. It indeed utilizes one of the best research formulas ever revealed, that’s the reason why it is so successful. I like MSN myself and utilize it every single day. Google lately became so popular that the verb “to Google” was proclaimed in the English language dictionary.

Enjoy a video via the internet

YouTube (also owned by Google) belongs to the most in-demand footage sharing sites in the history of net. It is so immense that many hours of video content are being published online every single hour. Everyone loves video content, it acquires extra views as compared to typical published information and it has the flexibility to go virus-like a lot easier.

Make a Facebook account

Sometimes called Web 2.0, social platforms have changed the way in which data is currently being studied, evaluated, examined and sent deeper utilizing the cyberspace. Facebook, today the second most popular web site after Google is getting used by almost every person on this globe that has access to the web. It is so famous that some people literally spend much more time using it then working on other type of stuff in the real world. Currently, there’s a more significant possibility of asking a youngster what Facebook.com is and receiving a positive response than seeking to ask the same kid who a specific popular publisher is and getting a proper response.

Source by Ionel Bertonni

Global Warming, A Threat To Polar Bears

The concept of global warming envisages the warming of the atmospheric layer where the volume of the Carbon dioxide gas is tremendously increased. The state of growing up of Carbon-di-oxide exists due to shortage of plants and trees and green house effects. This global warming is a threat to the survival of polar bears of arctic regions. Polar bears are ferocious and killer animals but they have a vital role to keep the environment free from pollutions. And as such our environment remains healthy and upkeep due to survival of such mischievous animals on arctic regions.

We are conversant that the ultraviolet ray emit from the sun and due to tremendous increase in atmospheric layer, ozone layer is licked and ultraviolet rays pass through he ozone layer and fall into the surface of the earth.. As a result, the earth’s surface layer is warmed up and ultimately, the height of the sea level goes up. In this respect, the modern scientists believe that one day, the earth will remain inundated under water. Due to the global warming taking place into the arctic region, ice melts down and as such polar bears find difficulties to survive on earth. In this case, some polar bears are found missing and somehow, some survive through continuous suffering and painstaking efforts. The polar bears who somehow survive find less food during this time. When their hibernation starts, they cannot be able to save sufficient food reserves in the form of fat inside their bodies. Thus, due to colossal effects of global warming, arctic animals are being died out day by day.

The arctic animals are of great use to us as it destroys poisonous insects and other dust particles which are wasted away by tremendous flow of current in the sea level. A Polar bear is a gigantic animal which damages all sorts of debris ahead of them while locomotion. It develops a separate entity inside the arctic region and survives for years together. No separate entity is to be developed around the globe outside arctic region. There is no denying the fact that the Polar Bears are dreadful animals and as such, hunting of polar bears is difficult. The smelling power of the dangerous species is very high for which it can easily learn the whereabouts of the prey. The hunter generally shoots from a long distant apart to the polar bear and suffice it to say, it is very cumbersome to reach them by haunting but it is tamed by long time technical training and observation thoroughly the nature of the animals.

Canada is homespun to circa 16 000 of the appraised 20 000-25 000 mischievous species in the global polar areas. It is no wonder that such an icon of Canada’s wildlife heritage, is of great cultural significance to the Canadian people. For the Inuit and many northern communities, dangerous species are especially significant culturally, spiritually and economically. Canada has a sole preservation center to safeguard these iconic creatures. This is one reason why Canada has amplified investment in observing efforts in current years. Canada’s portfolio schedule for the animals of the icy covered countries is designed to ensure that there are up-to-date population estimates for all 13 subpopulations that occur in our country. While monitoring, it is thought-provoking due to the distant and inhospitable environment of the Arctic regions, population estimates can help ensure that management and upkeep actions are applicable.

In view of the above, global warming is a great threat to the survival of the animals of the arctic regions like the wide ranging dangerous species throughout the world. In the field of ecological balances in between the living and the non-living things, polar bears play a vital role to keep our environment healthy and pollution free.

Source by Kh. Atiar Rahman