What Makes Relationships Work?

Love potion! Make them feel loved. Once upon a time, boy met girl and they were madly in love! Remember the feeling? Secret to long-lasting relationships is to keep that fire kindled. It’s true that life’s ups and downs will challenge this effort, but ‘true feelings’ is the fuel that will help keep the fire going. Whether you are trying to make a relationship work, or trying to get back your ex; actively express your feelings, verbally as well as physically. Make that move now!

Are you talking to me? We have been talking since we were two years old… but, sadly most of us don’t have a clue about communicating with each other. Learning this simple art can help you not only save a relationship but also be instrumental in making a relationship work. Good news is…it’s not hard! Be natural, be sincere, care about others. Complexity of words or your command of language has nothing to do with it. Keep it simple but sincere. Communication that comes from the depths of your being, from the heart, can and will have influence over people. Inject your emotions and feel secure in the natural law that what goes around, comes around. You throw out compassion, love, understanding… and the same is bound to boomerang back to you.

Honest Abe….or Gail? Sounds like a cliche’, but honestly…honesty IS the best policy. Whether you are trying to get your ex back or building foundation for a relationship that will endure the stresses of reality, this age-old advice is still in fashion. If you are truly trying to build a long-lasting deep relationship, there is no room for manipulations, white lies, deception and so on. Human brain has uncanny capacity to decipher verbal and non-verbal communication. Everybody is essentially carrying a supercomputer on their shoulders. ‘Don’t do unto others what you don’t want done to you’. Heard that before? Good, now start following it!

Fence around us! Create a very private world between the two of you. Exclusivity is paramount in relationship building. It makes everybody feel secure and important! Do not divulge information to others that was provided to you with a sense of friendship. This is one of the key secrets that make relationship work. Make their secrets your secrets. Be the keeper of your partners fears, insecurities, desires, and ambitions.

You can count on me: Trust is mutual. But, as mentioned before, you need to give before you can receive. One of the best ways to save a relationship is to demonstrate that you are trustworthy. Create a track record and help people feel secure in the fact that their secrets, fears, and ambitions are secure with you. It’s a slow process, but creates long-lasting rewards and works as the lubricant that makes the relationship work. People will connect with you better knowing that they can open up their feelings to you.

I am here for you: Moment of weakness and insecurity can creep up on anybody. At that point, people are looking for support. They are looking for someone to talk to and share their feelings with. Be that person. Best advice for relationship is: be available for your partner to express their emotions and feelings. You can make almost any relationship work if you can follow this simple advice. Be sensitive and provide help and suggestions sincerely. Few well placed words, a hug or a kiss, and just plain silent listening can go a long way in providing the support that your partner is looking for. Be a source of self-esteem and confidence building to your partner, rather being a fountain of criticism!

Can’t you see what I see? No relationship is perfect, but it doesn’t have to be ‘war of roses’ either. The key to resolving disputes, and one of the best ways to save the relationships, is to be able to understand other party’s point of view (POV). Not an easy proposition, because most of us are pretty stuck in our ways. It takes a lot of maturity and confidence to be able to relieve yourself from the bondage of your own conviction and jump into the darkness of another persons POV. But, that’s the adventure that needs to be undertaken if you want to realize where the other person is coming from. Magic of making up and maintaining an exciting relationship is to be able to understand each other. A little bit of this attitude, on both sides, can do wonders for the relationship.

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